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Which Wide-Format Printers Work Best for Ohio Construction Companies?

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 9, 2020 9:15:00 AM

It’s a known fact that engineering, construction, and architectural firms have unique printing needs. While accuracy and speed are important, they often also need to use their wide-format printers under harsh conditions. Every project the firm takes on also requires accurate billing to the customers for drawings, blueprints, project plans, and models.

There are more wide-format printing solutions available today than ever before, so the firm will need to understand what models will work best according to their exact needs. Investing in a wide-format printer or plotter can bring many benefits to the firm's operations. However, devices aren’t cheap, and choosing the wrong model can hamper productivity.

Construction and Engineering Wide-Format Printing Solutions

The wide-format printing market continues to grow year on year. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) have developed innovative platforms explicitly geared towards the engineering, construction, and architectural industries. According to industry forecasts, the wide-format print market will grow by 4.0% CAGR from 2019 to 2015. This is primarily due to the availability of different models, the additional features the printers come with, and the improved efficiency of the devices.

Pain Points with Engineering, Construction, and Architectural Printing

Although not every firm is the same, they often share similar pain points in their printing environment. For engineering and construction firms, access to durable drawings and blueprints will be vital for successful project execution. It’s not always feasible to reprint a drawing for every site visit, and ensuring the paper and ink can survive in harsh environmental conditions can help save time and money.

Similarly, for architects, it may be necessary to print large posters of their renders in full color with similar image protection. The latest wide-format printing solutions use non-fade, durable toner, and improved droplet technologies on a variety of media types for enhanced accuracy and longevity.

Best Large Format Printers for Construction Projects

Modern wide-format printers are durable, reliable, and more efficient than older models. These devices come with advanced software integrations, so they can help firms to streamline their document management processes. Maintaining a productive print workflow in an engineering and construction office is easier when using a modern wide-format printer. Devices have multiple print submission capabilities, including mobile and cloud printing features.

KIP’s range of color or black and white printers provide excellent quality print production for a variety of business functions. With improved image quality and by supporting a variety of media and toner types, KIP’s wide-format printing solutions are a cost-effective option for engineering and construction firms.

KIP 800 Color Series of Wide-Format Printers

The KIP 800 Color Series of systems provide excellent output resolutions, perfect for technical and architectural images. KIP designed this range of printers for improved versatility, making them ideal for high-volume demand with precise image quality and expressive color fidelity.

KIP 800 Color Series wide-format printer features include:

● Support for a variety of media types like bond, adhesive, and polyester film with a variety of sizes.

● Large 12 inch Smart System K Touchscreen for easy navigation

● Workflow automation tools and KIP System K Print Management Suite

● Windows and AutoCAD drivers

● Standard front stacking with optional rear stacking also available

Although the KIP 850 and KIP 860 entry-level models don’t have an integrated scanner, the KIP 880 and 890 platforms include a KIP 720 CIS and a KIP 2300 CCD scanning solution. When capturing documents or field change notices, having a large format scanner available will help improve productivity.

KIP’s wide-format solutions also have ImagePro software for improved printing workflows, comes with large-capacity toner cartridges, and lowers the cost of operation. By also providing a quick-switching solution and two to four roll support, firms won’t have to spend a lot of time changing the media types.

Managed Print Solutions for Engineering and Construction Firms

Managing a wide-format printer requires technical expertise. To ensure the printer operates reliably, firms may want to opt for a complete Managed Print Services (MPS) solution. This will give them access to modern, efficient devices and the necessary support to keep them operational. The MPS company will take over the print management in the firm, providing the service at a single monthly cost.

This will include establishing print policies, carrying out the necessary services and maintenance tasks, as well as providing supplies as required. Not only can the firm save on time and money, they will have a consistent budget for all printing costs while also tracking and billing each drawing to the right customer.

Wide-Format Printing Solutions from Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies can provide a variety of wide-format or production print solutions for engineering and construction firms in Ohio. By partnering with the best manufacturers like KIP and Konica Minolta, Blue Technologies can help firms streamline their print workflows and reduce costs. Whether the firm wants to acquire a new large format printer or needs a complete managed fleet of devices, Blue Technologies can assist.

To discuss your Ohio engineering firm or construction project’s wide-format printing needs with an expert, contact Blue Technologies today.

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