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How Architects Can Keep Print Costs Low with Managed Print Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 9, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Managed print services offer designers and creators the tools they need to perform optimally under pressure, boost productivity, and open new windows for creative opportunities. In addition to these advantages, a group of specialized IT professionals oversee tasks in the printing departments so that workers can focus on higher priorities.

In this article, we’ll discuss the various issues caused by inferior print production management in the architectural industry and learn how managed print services benefits architects.

The Financial Challenges Presented to Architects

Architects have unpredictable deadlines to meet and a limited view of how print expenses play out within their practice. Each project may eventually cost more than the return on invested resources. However, if architects properly manage their print production department, they could see a better return on investment for every construction project.

Here are several reasons why print costs affect architects’ profit:

Wide-Format Prints: Although 3D model printing continues to rise in popularity and offers 80% of enterprises faster innovation, most architects still require a wide-format print for the majority of their drafts and documentation.

Media Variation: Architects utilize various types of print paper for their design drafts and other documentation, so equipment inventory is challenging to manage.

Large-Scale Construction Projects: An entire construction workforce requires clear communication and precise documentation for each task. If drafts present the wrong information, more time and materials become wasted.

To keep up in this type of environment, many architects and contractors rely on additional income sources to finance the entire operation. If architectural engineers want to meet deadlines on time and reduce print costs, they must make managed print production a top priority.

6 Ways Managed Print Services Benefits Architects

How does the print process affect the overall expenses of an entire architect operation? Here are six ways that managed print services can improve the workflow of the whole construction process.

1. Predict Expenses Easier

The full scope of a construction project is difficult to predict since there are numerous obstacles along the way. Cost reduction and control methods utilized by managed print services can drastically improve productivity. Architects don’t have to worry about finding the best deals on printer material or ink cartridges since print management solutions take over that responsibility.

2. Meet More Deadlines

Large scale projects require a lot of printed material, so each team member stays on the same page and performs their tasks efficiently. Print service technicians use the highest quality printers available. These printers process documents within minutes, which reduces the overall time spent on delivering finished drafts to contractors.

3. Waste Less Resources

Revising plans is a normal part of working in the construction industry, and the material that’s lost in the process can quickly add up. Additionally, a large portion of the materials used in architectural print plans tends to cost more to recycle. Managed print operations restock equipment inventory with affordable consumable waste material, and reduce the material loss due to poor print quality.

4. Better Visual Quality in Prints

Many printers are incapable of recreating drafts in the same quality. However, even if the printer does a great job running at lower speeds, there are deadlines to fulfill. Managed print production services utilize some of the fastest precision printers available, reaching speeds up to 250 pages per minute for text-heavy documents.

5. Keep Print Records

It’s easy to lose documents if you have no record-storage strategy, and most building owners request plans so they can work with utility contractors in the future. Managed document reporting gives architectural engineers the tools they need to distribute blueprints to each stakeholder involved in the project quickly and store copies for personal collection.

6. Track Equipment Inventory

What is worse than running out of draft and printer material in the middle of a monumental construction project? Instead of sending copies to construction teams or sketching out a new plan, architectural engineers need to divert their attention to restocking printer equipment. Print production services do this for them by refilling printer equipment and tracking inventory levels.

All of the above are just some of many managed print services benefits that architects can enjoy by merely adopting the process

Revolutionize Architect Enterprises with Managed Print Services

Does the printing process of an architectural operation lack proper management? Now is the time to make a change. Improper printing techniques and poor inventory support eventually break the construction project’s budgets. With the assistance of managed print services, architect operations avoid spending more on print supplies and achieve improved productivity for every project.

Blue Technologies understands that Ohio architects want to spend less on hired services. We want to help you reduce overall expenses, not add to them. Contact us today to construct a managed print plan that adapts with the workflow of your entire operation.

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