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The Advantages of Bringing Plan and Drawing Printing In-House with Wide Format Printers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 20, 2022 8:45:00 AM

When architects design beautiful spaces, their buildings stand as a testament to their abilities. And yet, architectural firms must use other vectors to grow their presence, market their abilities, and increase their standing among the competition. With the economic recovery uncertain, architects need to not only expand their marketing reach, but also focus on ways to recover costs through streamlining business processes. Fortunately, one piece of technology can help savvy architectural firms achieve all of these objectives and more — the wide format printer. 

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Streamline and Simplify: Why Engineers in Ohio Love Managed Print Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Feb 20, 2020 8:45:00 AM

The fast-growing Midwest is home to numerous engineering firms, especially in Ohio. In this thriving environment, competition is fierce. Engineers compete not only to win contracts but also to remain affordable to their clients. One common strategy they use is managed print services, to reduce office operating expenses as much as possible.

Managed print services are well-known for their ability to deliver many substantial benefits to offices that deploy them. For engineering firms, these benefits can be the difference between a competitive or disregarded bid. Read on to learn what engineers need in a printing environment, the benefits of managed print services, and why engineers in Ohio trust Blue Technologies with their printing infrastructure.

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