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Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 21, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Travel agents rely on vivid printed materials to communicate the splendor of their destinations. There was a time when some agents thought the end of travel flyers was near. This proved to be false as travel agent marketing materials still find wide-scale adoption in the industry. What has changed is the ability of agencies to produce these materials internally, saving on production costs and enabling them to restock promotional flyers on the fly.

Up to the start of 2020, the travel agency industry showed remarkable gains over the last ten years. The US industry was set to generate $17.3 billion this year, up from about $15 billion in 2015. Although these numbers may no longer be achievable, it illustrates the strength of the industry, even with digital pressure and disruption facing traditional agencies.

Using Managed Services to Increase Travel Agency Efficiencies

The number one business benefit that travel agencies offer remains unchanged. They provide convenience to business and leisure travelers. Although people can research their trips and book everything online, there’s a knowledge gap between websites and travel agents. In this environment, there are still strategies that agencies can deploy to improve their efficiency, reduce costs, and increase productivity. Here are three strategies travel agents should adopt.

1. Managed Print Services for Reduced Operational Costs

Travel agencies process many documents. The insurance forms, itineraries, and confirmation documents can add up, but do not require a special printer. If the agency wants to produce their promotional material, they’ll need access to more advanced printers. A managed print services (MPS) solution can help firms to reduce the cost of printing travel flyers, brochures, and business cards.

MPS gives travel agents all the printing and imaging solutions they need at a single monthly cost. The MPS provider ensures the machines operate reliably, restock all supplies, and consolidate equipment into a single multifunction device (MFD). This will help reduce operating costs and drive up office efficiency within the agency.

2. Managed IT Services for Increased Security and Reliability

Travel agents need to operate via multiple channels to remain competitive. This includes emails, social media, and websites. Additionally, they need to respond to queries quickly and efficiently while protecting sensitive customer information. If there is a network failure, it can disrupt operations and lead to lost revenues.

To improve network reliability and security, travel agents can opt to use managed IT services. This will give them access to modern technologies while providing increased IT security. The risk of cybercrime continues to plague businesses of every type. A successful ransomware attack could devastate a travel agency’s business.

3. Enterprise Content Management for Better Efficiency and Productivity

To streamline the agency’s processes, they should implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution. These solutions use digital documents to drive the company’s workflows. They can also help to control all promotional materials and have publishing capabilities that unify all content on both digital and physical platforms.

ECM uses automated workflows to control the information flow through the agency. The system will automatically route documents through a series of steps, from initial registration to task completion. The agency can set up different workflows that accommodate different functions in the business. Additionally, ECM allows agents to operate more productively by providing access to the company’s documents from any connected device.

Benefits of Using These Strategies for Travel Agencies

By adopting the above strategies, the agency gains valuable capabilities while also increasing efficiencies and streamlining the company workflows. With a digital solution and the ability to generate physical promotional materials in-house, the agency can ensure they control all aspects of their operations. The agency can also set a consistent budget for its support infrastructure, reducing the likelihood of unexpected expenses appearing at inopportune times.

The support systems and digital infrastructure will remain the responsibility of the service provider. This will ensure the systems work reliably with maximum uptime, and if something goes wrong, support is only a call or email away. Implementing these solutions can also allow agents to work remotely, helping everyone stay productive at all times.

Partner with Blue Technologies for a Full Suite of Managed Services

For travel agencies that need to revamp their operations and reduce costs while increasing efficiencies, Blue Technologies can help. We work with agencies to match solutions to their unique needs. Blue Technologies can provide hardware and software systems that streamline the company’s information flows, helps them produce their travel flyers in-house, and ensure that their digital systems operate reliably.

Our team of experts will assess the current technology landscape deployed at the agency and develop a solution that suits their needs and budget. Blue Technologies can help travel agencies adopt a sustainable strategy that allows them to remain competitive in a challenging business climate.

For more information about how we can help your travel agency establish a viable strategy, request an assessment from Blue Technologies today.

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