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Managed IT Solutions Increase Operational Efficiency for Restaurants

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 10, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Think managed IT solutions have no place in a restaurant? Think again. Ohio restaurants are increasingly embracing the power of managed IT to help maintain operations. Managed IT brings an array of benefits across an entire restaurant. From front end service to backend operations, bringing a specialist on board who understands the nuances of a restaurant environment helps improve operational efficiency in ways that aren’t immediately obvious.

Blue Technologies provides best-in-class managed IT services for restaurants in Ohio.

The Place for IT in the Restaurant Industry

Restaurants don’t always think of themselves as fundamentally technology-driven. After all, much of the more visible elements of restaurant operations lie in preparing and presenting food. However, like other modern businesses, restaurants need to operate fluently in the digital environment. 

They need things such as:

Infrastructure: Restaurants need phones, computers, printers, point-of-sale systems, and an internet presence.

Security: The infrastructure must be protected as it includes sensitive information. Restaurants can and do get hacked.

Site security. Surveillance exists for more than just identifying intruders. It’s also useful in kitchens in the event of emergencies.

Business analytics. Like other businesses, restaurants operate best using data-driven decision making. This may include figuring out the best and worst selling items on the menu to finding peak hours of operation. Restaurants need technology to support this data collection.

Mobile management. Restaurants comprise fast, dynamic environments where a computer isn’t always within easy reach. Equipping chefs, managers, or floor personnel with mobile devices such as phones or tablets helps everyone stay connected and information flowing.

Inventory tracking. Restaurants must track their inventory more closely than other types of business due to the hazards of spoilage or supply shortages. Digital monitoring, such as Wi-Fi-connected scanners, help replace manual inventory sheets which may be lost or destroyed in the kitchen.

Information technology exists in a restaurant to a much larger degree than many restaurant managers may immediately realize.

How Managed IT Solutions Help Restaurants

Managed IT services can deliver significant advantages to restaurants. There exist several reasons for this, including:

1. They’re Adept at Handling High-Traffic, Dynamic Environments

Companies frequently bring on board managed services because they’re overwhelmed by the infrastructure needs but not able (or don’t have time) to grasp their specific needs. Such environments tend to be high-traffic, dynamic, and pressurized – not unlike restaurants. Managed IT providers understand these environments and know how to work within them.

2. It Might Not Be Obvious to a Restaurant Managed to Hire an IT Specialist

Restaurants need line cooks, pastry chefs, servers, hosts, bartenders, and bussers. Among all of them, IT personnel doesn’t fit. However, that may leave a manager – or worse, the front of the house – struggling to make do with technology or fix it on the fly. In contrast, a managed IT service will not only deploy the right technology but also make sure it keeps working correctly. That eliminates the need to remember to hire IT personnel for the restaurant.

3. It Will Improve the Dining Experience

More and more restaurants are embracing technology as part of the dining experience. That may include something as simple as a menu posted online or the ability to order takeout. It might also include something as sophisticated as a self-service kiosk in fast food. Like other industries, the restaurant world is rapidly discovering that technology has the power to deliver an improved dining experience, encouraging customers to come back for more.

4. Technology Assists at Handling Inventory and Supply Tracking

There are many ways to deploy digital technology for tracking inventory and supplies, and managed service providers know all about them. Managed IT services know how to leverage productivity solutions effectively in the restaurant. Say goodbye to manual inventory sheets which get lost or destroyed in the kitchen environment. A managed IT provider can help identify digital solutions such as barcode scanners or mobile solutions to help keep track of everything a restaurant needs to deliver delicious food.

Blue Technologies Helps Ohio Restaurants Stay Current

Restaurants rely more on technology than many people realize. From keeping cash registers functioning to streamlining the company’s digital presence, managed IT services help these establishments attain operational efficiency. Restaurants struggling to adopt technology to stay current and competitive should strongly consider a managed IT services provider.

Blue Technologies works with restaurants in Ohio to achieve operational efficiency and leverage modern business solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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