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How Rental Car Facilities are Using MPS to Improve Business

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 23, 2020 9:45:00 AM

Travelers can be some of the most demanding customers a company has to navigate. For rental car agencies, a broken printer can quickly lead to tempers flaring and irate customers fuming in the queues. To ensure the company can serve its customers reliably and efficiently, maintaining printing operations is vital to customer satisfaction.

Many car rental companies already know that access to reliable multifunction printers can set them apart from competitors. As agents need to scan regularly, print, and copy documents, staff must have access to efficient printers that help them execute their workflows efficiently. Forecasts suggest the industry will grow at a CAGR of 5.1% over the next five years, meaning efficient printing operations can help increase revenues for business owners.

Common Printing Issues in Car Rental Companies

Just like any other organization, rental companies require printers to work at maximum capacity without failure. If a specific location regularly faces downtimes, it could severely affect their reputation. A single bad experience will lead to customers booking with an alternative company for their next trip.

Running out of printing supplies isn’t an option because a broken printer can lead to massive delays that will test even the most accommodating customer’s patience. To prevent these issues, using managed print services (MPS) can help rental agencies improve their operations.

Benefits of Managed Print Services for Car Rental Companies in Ohio

For car rental agencies in Ohio, using an MPS solution can help reduce the burden on staff and provide a reliable print fleet that can make or break the business. To help agencies increase efficiencies and service customers, MPS solutions offer a variety of benefits:

Access to Modern Multifunction Printers

To improve their operations, staff need access to the latest multifunction printers. A multifunction printer can perform a variety of tasks, including scanning, copying, and printing. The company can even configure the printer to create the booking envelopes instead of using hand-written ones that may create confusion and lead to errors. Modern printers are also more efficient than older models, helping the agency save money on supplies and operational costs.

Reliable Printing Operations

With an MPS solution, the company can reduce wasteful practices and reduce costs with improved oversight. Additionally, the agency’s printers will operate more reliably if they receive the necessary services and maintenance on time. Fewer downtimes from the printers mean less irritated customers and faster moving queues, leading to more productive operations. The company can also enforce policies and track every print job, providing improved oversight over its printing operations.

Reduced Printing Costs

With a managed print solution, the company can achieve additional cost reductions. The MPS solution will assess the current printing environment and establish a cost per month that caters for all their printing requirements. With a consistent budget, the company can ensure they forecast accurately and reduce its wasteful printing practices by establishing printing policies for all staff members.

Improved Information Security

It’s common for car rental companies to capture, manage, and store personal information. If the business doesn’t secure the data, it could lead to a breach that makes them liable according to current legislation. By partnering with an MPS Company, the agency will gain access to the latest printer security solutions to help protect essential customer information from leaking.

Increased Productivity with Modern Software Integrations

The company will also be able to deploy mobile apps integrated with its printers to help streamline workflows. With a variety of modern software solutions that can help improve operational efficiencies, it can help staff remain productive even when they don’t have access to a workstation. Modern MPS solutions come with a variety of integrated applications that help streamline company workflows for improved efficiency.

MPS Solutions for Car Rental Companies in Ohio

Blue Technologies provides a variety of services that help any organization improve its operations. For car rental agencies that require efficient and reliable printing solutions, Blue Technologies can deliver the hardware systems and software solutions to enhance task execution. With a reliable printing platform, the company can ensure they serve every customer quickly and efficiently.

Apart from just providing Managed Print Services, Blue Technologies can also help agencies streamline all their document workflows for improved business efficiencies. Blue Technologies help companies leverage modern office solutions to digitize operations and execute their tasks quickly and reliably every time.

With a consistent cost for all their printing operations and a reduced burden on their IT staff, the agency can focus on providing superior customer service to their clients. Blue Technologies can help with Managed IT Services, Document Management Systems, Enterprise Content Management, and a wide variety of other business productivity solutions.

To discuss your MPS requirements for your Ohio car rental agency, speak to one of Blue Technologies’ agents today. How Rental Car Facilities in Ohio are Using Managed Print Services to Improve Business Efficiencies

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