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The Benefits of Managed Print Services and Document Management Systems for Auto Dealerships

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 20, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Perhaps no other industry can benefit as from managed document and print services as auto dealerships and repair shops. These businesses have unique needs and handle valuable documents every day. Here’s how they can benefit from managed document and print services.

Auto Dealerships, Repair Shops, and Managed Print Services

Auto dealerships have a lot of paperwork to manage, not only at the point of sale, but also extending into long term documentation such as vehicle maintenance and service records. Keeping it all not only straight but also secure is a serious responsibility that weighs heavily on auto dealerships and repair shops alike.

Repair shops are also in a unique position to benefit from using both managed document and print services. These businesses handle a massive load of documents with both customer information, compliance documentation, and information on parts.

Anyone walking into a repair shop will notice a lot of paperwork lying around. The sheer volume of paperwork running through these shops can be overwhelming, making it essential for repair shop managers to utilize managed print and document services.

Documents That Car Dealers Handle Every Day

Car dealers handle a large variety of documents daily, here’s some of the most common. This makes it essential to have a document management system for car dealers.

· Test Drive Contracts

· Bills of Sale

· Liability Insurance Documentation

· Appraisal Forms

· Commissions

· Tax and Inventory Documents

All of these documents are important and rely on printing equipment. Don’t lose a sale due to inferior or poorly managed equipment. Let salesmen focus on the core of their job, interacting with customers and making the sale.

Managed Print Services

Managed print services use active monitoring to optimize print environments, keeping printers secure and well stocked like clockwork. They take the guesswork out of printing supply purchasing and save businesses money with remanufactured toner cartridges. These services also furnish robust security services including powerful firewalls that keep printing equipment and customer information secure.

Think of every time a salesman on the floor has to run back to print something while the customer is left waiting unattended. Complications at this stage can ruin a potential sale. If the printer hasn’t been properly maintained and is either out of ink, paper, or simply out of order, the delay can cost thousands of dollars.

Custom Banners and Graphics

Another advantage of managed print services that stands to benefit car dealerships is the production of customized banners and graphics. These services can supply breathtaking custom graphics and banners at an unbelievable price.

As many savvy managers would know, car dealerships can use these products to stand out and attract customers. Call Blue Technologies; they’re worth it.

What to look for in a Managed Service

Managed document services are not created equal, and managers should look for these qualities when shopping for a service.

  • Price - Look for a managed document service that is priced competitively.
  • Security Strength – Find a service that comes with robust security features.
  • Contract Flexibility – Be sure to go with an MDS that has a flexible contract that doesn’t lock one in.
  • Reliability – Make sure that the managed document service has reliable technology and a trusted reputation.

These factors are all important things to look for in a managed document or print service. The service with the perfect fit will possess all of the aforementioned qualities.

That’s why car dealerships and repair shops looking to save money while being more efficient should seek out the experts at Blue Technologies. They understand the business and can help run a tighter ship with better printing equipment and powerful software solutions, not to mention U.S. based support.

ShareBase by Hyland, the Premier Document Management Service for Auto Dealerships and Repair Shops

Premium document management products like ShareBase by Hyland, have a perfect range of services that auto dealerships and repair shops can take advantage of. Offered by Blue Technologies, ShareBase, by Hyland, provides cloud-based document sharing that is highly secure, and clients retain full ownership of and control. That’s the best of both worlds, the full power of highly sophisticated document management software is coupled with absolute control as a client.

Blue Technologies Is the Finest Choice in Managed Services for Auto Dealerships and Repair Shops

Blue Technologies is a smart choice for auto dealerships and repair shops looking to save money and stay ahead of the competition. They have the best document management system for car dealers.

While managed document services save money and facilitate secure collaboration, managed print services also increase savings and markedly improve operational efficiency. These services are not an expense; they’re an investment, make the right choice with Blue Technologies.

Check out Blue Technologies today and start enjoying the best in managed services to optimize both print and document management

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