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How Document Management is Transforming the Entertainment Industry

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 18, 2020 8:44:00 AM

The hospitality and entertainment industry faces constant disruption. Understandably, entertainment companies want to leverage new technologies to streamline their operations, considering the labor involved in their previous processes. One way entertainment organizations can deliver an enhanced experience to customers and reduce costs is by implementing a document management solution.

Adopting a document management or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution can help firms to issue E-tickets in the industry. Although this isn’t new, the technologies used to create E-tickets are now affordable, secure, and efficient. Systems also integrate with backend processes, enabling a streamlined workflow from scheduling an event to hosting it on the day.

Benefits of ECM Solutions and E-Tickets for Entertainment Companies

Bringing new efficiencies to a tried and tested process isn’t easy. It required the rise of computers, networks, and the internet to disrupt the entertainment industry. As these technologies matured, more organizations adopted electronic ticketing solutions and increased their sales by making bookings and payments available online. For instance, the airline industry raced to adopt these technologies to improve their booking, check-in, and boarding processes. ECM solutions can help entertainment companies in similar ways.

1. Issuing Authentic E-Tickets for Events

Firstly, issuing electronic tickets for an event helps the company to cut costs. Tickets issued electronically do not require physical mailing, in-person collection, or shipping them to a recipient. ECM solutions help to reduce ticketing costs while also improving the company’s sales and customer services. An integrated ECM allows companies to validate IDs before making the sale and improves access control at the venue.

2. Helps Eliminate Scalpers from the Process

Scalpers remain a concern for event organizers everywhere. A single ticket’s price can skyrocket as demand increases, and the date of the event draws closer. By issuing electronic copies, the company can keep tickets out of a scalper’s hands and ensure all tickets sold retains their face value. Scalpers are scrupulous with ticket prices and can lead to exponential increases in costs for attendees. Not taking precautions to limit scalpers from buying a set of tickets can lead to reputational damage for an events company.

3. Reduces the Opportunities to Counterfeit Tickets

While initial solutions allowed criminals to counterfeit tickets, print them, and sell them on to unsuspecting individuals, an ECM solution can prevent this practice. Using mobile phones and digital documents, the organization can share information on a secure platform that eliminates the possibility of a counterfeiter reproducing a ticket. Companies can use several different technologies to ensure all their tickets remain uniquely identifiable.

4. Streamlining the Entire Ticketing Process

As with so many organizations, the benefits of an ECM solution for entertainment companies starts with creating a consistent, traceable workflow of all operations. From the initial booking, every transaction will flow through an automated process until completion. Companies can generate QR codes that they can display on phone screens to complete the transaction as an attendee enters the event. All transactions (or workflow steps) remains part of the historical record, helping organizations to resolve any issues or queries quickly.

5. Allows Event Companies to Respond to Situations Quickly

If there’s one thing everyone learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that situations can change quickly and require an efficient response from companies. For event organizers, keeping track of bookings, payments, cancellations, and refunds can be challenging. Automated workflows in ECM solutions can help agents to manage these kinds of situations quickly and reduce human errors, which in turn could lead to upset customers.

The Benefits of ECM Solutions for Event Organizers

Today’s ECM solutions come with complete integration to cloud services and apps. Companies can generate tickets on demand, track receipts, and redeem them electronically. Event organizers can eliminate the risks associated with physical ticketing using an ECM solution that controls their workflows and accurately records all transactions on any document.

If someone requires a physical copy, the agency can use advanced ID systems to ensure it remains uniquely identifiable without needing state-of-the-art technologies. In most cases, a simple home printer can produce the necessary image for those attendees that want to leave their mobile device at home, although that’s becoming exceedingly rare.

Adopting an Enterprise Content Management Solution for E-Tickets

ECM solutions go beyond ticketing solutions. It can help organizations to improve their entire content management processes, including their customer-facing operations. Whenever information is available in digital format and remains secured with the latest technologies, it helps companies to eliminate fraud, reduce rework, and improve operational efficiencies.

Working with Blue Technologies, entertainment firms, and event organizers can improve their workflows and enhance their customer experiences. With everything available online in today’s entertainment environment and paperless tickets now expected, companies can optimize content with attendees and create a more personalized experience. Blue Technologies can help deploy the technology stack required to improve event organization.

For more information about how ECM can help you issue paperless tickets for your entertainment firm, contact Blue Technologies.

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