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How to Optimize Your Digital Workflow with a First-Class ECM Solution

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 22, 2020 8:45:00 AM

Every company needs to improve its operational efficiencies to remain competitive. As technological disruption continues to put pressure on traditional business models, it’s becoming more essential to find a unique advantage for today’s companies. While organizations may consider digital transformation as just another buzzword, it does provide companies with many opportunities to reimagine and revamp their business processes.

Digital systems continue to reduce the time it takes to execute a business process. It also improves the accuracy of information processing while providing real-time insights into business operations. With access to accurate information, companies can make better decisions quicker and respond to changing market forces effectively. With a digital workflow management solution, businesses can streamline their operations and improve productivity with modern technologies like Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

Advances in Enterprise Content Management Solutions

ECM solutions help organizations manage and control digital information for improved operational efficiency. While they may initially have only served large enterprises, advances in technologies have made them a standard tool available to any company of any size. The latest solutions are affordable, come with a host of features, and provide a customizable platform that makes it suitable for any business scenario.

Content management has become an essential business function in the modern world. How companies capture, store, and present information is as vital to operations as ensuring they attract and retain new customers. It impacts brand awareness, customer relationships, and operational efficiency.

If companies rely on paper-based workflows, not only are they lagging behind competitors, but they also add additional risk to their processes. A lost document could mean an unfulfilled order or losing a sale, leading to lost revenue.

Benefits of Enterprise Content Management Solutions

Having a digital-first strategy can help companies thrive in the modern economy. It reduces costs, eliminates inefficiencies, and provides additional oversight of the company’s workflows. Deploying an ECM solution can help companies to regain control over their business processes and track every activity in their workflows. Here are five benefits of implementing an ECM solution for today’s companies:

1. Accurate Task Execution

An ECM solution allows companies to define their workflows and ensure the accurate routing of information during their business processes. After any sign-off, the next step in the workflow will go to the related resource, ensuring every process is traceable and finished on time. Each step is customizable, meaning any type of company can benefit from moving to a digital workflow management system.

2. Improved Information Security

Every company needs to consider their information security policies. While ECM solutions create digital copies of all the company’s information, it helps organizations control the dissemination of data using authentication and authorization tools. To limit access to sensitive information, the company just needs to classify its files by following their information security policies.

3. Auditable History of Every Task

The ECM solution will track every activity on every document or file in the system. If the company needs to review its task execution processes or want to investigate an incident, they can review a complete audit trail for every instance of a workflow. This helps companies remain compliant with internal policies and external regulations.

4. Provides Actionable Information About Their Performance

Compared to paper-based workflows, ECM solutions provide real-time analytics that can help the company understand inefficiencies and initiate corrective actions. If the company notices a specific process continues to lead to bottlenecks, they can adjust the workflow to improve the process. The enterprise can also set up dashboards that track key tasks and monitor their resources in real-time.

5. Advanced System Integrations

Even if the company uses legacy software, it can integrate modern ECM systems with those applications. This will help them connect their information management solutions across the business to improve their workflow’s efficiency. Today’s ECM systems come with integration capabilities that can map data fields from one solution to another, enabling them to enforce centralized control over all company information.

ECM Solutions for Companies in Ohio

Blue Technologies can provide Prism DocRecord, iManage Work, and OnBase by Hyland ECM solutions for firms looking to digitize their operations. To help improve operational efficiencies, Blue Technologies can also provide Managed Services, Managed Print Services, and other office productivity solutions to companies in Ohio. Blue Technologies will work with organizations to develop a solution that suits all of their business workflow requirements.

By moving towards a digital-first solution, companies can ensure they increase their staff’s productivity and streamline their operations for improved efficiency. As the modern business world continues to evolve, ensuring the business adopts and deploys the latest technologies will help them to retain a competitive edge in the market.

For more information about workflow management using ECM solutions, contact Blue Technologies today.

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