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Document Management Solutions for Distribution and Supply Chain

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM

The modern supply chain stretches all over the globe, with new manufacturers and suppliers continuously emerging. Finding the best cost efficiencies in the production lifecycle of goods is forcing supply chain managers to look for new partnerships and OEM sources.

The continued growth of global trade creates disparate information processing methods, requiring a multitude of documents and many human interventions. Although e-commerce integrations alleviate some of the burdens, they require accurate data to prevent incorrect processing.

Once an organization transmits incorrect information, it creates delays, inflates costs, and consumes time and resources to correct it. While everyone understands that data accuracy is imperative, companies rarely find ways to achieve it.

Distribution and Supply Chain Document Management Reduce Costs

There are very few opportunities to reduce the cost of shipping and distributing goods. As the industry is prone to fluctuations from external factors, the manufactured total cost per unit rarely reflects the cost price.

That means the best place to reduce cost remains the processing efficiency of a company. As goods are processed using data, documents, labels, and slips, improving the processes used to manage these elements is an excellent cost-saving opportunity.

An efficient process relies on accessible documents, accurately captured data, and consistently correct routing of information. Even within these spheres, organizations can always find ways to make more improvements.

Adopting a comprehensively integrated document management solution can solve many of the daily issues facing the supply chain processes. Running out of specialized media or a specialized printer going down, incompletely captured data or just the lack of a timely approval – a properly integrated solution can reduce if not eliminate all of these issues.

Gaining the Competitive Edge means Business Models are Unique

Companies continue to evolve and adapt their business models to find the perfect cost versus control balance. This results in unique systems, processes, and delivery pipelines. No matter where inbound materials or goods originate from, the ways in which they are processed and delivered are frequently very specific to the company.

What this really means is there is no “one size fits all” solution. The best organizations use modular approaches that should be scalable. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll work as a template for every location. Each processing facility and region has subtle but consequential differences. If the solution doesn’t fit the localized process, gaps will form. Where gaps exist in the system, risks are more likely.

A complete supply chain solution will require the basics of document management, workflows for collaboration, document processing notifications, and accurate external data capturing. The combination services, managed from a central administration hub, will improve organizational efficiencies quickly.

Additional Device Specific Opportunities

Apart from the software solutions, using managed print services with modern multifunction printers and devices (MFDs) can alleviate many pain points in the supply chain processes. Firstly, modern MFDs are feature rich and capable of handling different media types. This means a single device can serve many purposes in the facility.

Additionally, they have built-in security and access controls, ensuring compliance with key privacy regulations. Not to mention that by employing mobile enabled Enterprise Content Management solutions, companies can reduce the need for hard copies and wasteful prints.

A Centralized Solution for Distributed Organizations

Moving the document management system to a cloud-based, service orientated (SaaS) product will ensure uptimes and uninterrupted access. Using collaborations and workflows to control the process and manage issues means decision makers can implement corrective actions in real-time.

As the MFDs are also part of the network, releasing approvals to a facility from a remote location is also possible.

Modern Compliance Costs Continue to Increase

The cost associated with regulatory compliance is always increasing. New laws will emerge and ensuring the business model is compliant for a disconnected system that i, and non-standardized will balloon these costs.

A centrally managed solution that deals appropriately with slight differences in geography is currently possible. What’s more, is that it ensures a compliance framework that is adaptable and scalable. Rolling out changes to the processes is as easy as releasing new workflows and templates, retiring those that become obsolete.

Document Management Solutions that Drive Process Efficiency

At Blue Technologies, they provide complete end-to-end document management solutions, up to and including the hardware systems required. With access to the latest devices from all major manufacturers, they’re well versed in implementing a completely integrated supply chain and distribution document management system.

For details on the core efficiencies that an integrated, hosted solution entails, contact Blue Technologies today to discuss your needs. With twenty-five years of industry-leading services, Blue Technologies will design a custom solution that drives down document management costs.

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