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Does a 40% Print Cost Improvement Sound Too Good to Be True? It’s Really Not.

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 19, 2019 10:30:00 AM

No matter how much your company increases revenues, if overhead keeps growing with it, your profit margins will remain small. That’s why so many CFOs are tasked with continually looking for ways to save money.


Given the central role technology now plays in all modern businesses, CTOs may often be involved, as well. The challenge is to find where spending can be cut without cutting results, too. Fortunately, managed print services have proven to be a reliable solution.


What Are Managed Print Services?

Imagine if you could outsource all of your company’s printing needs. Would that free up your staff’s time so that they could focus on more important priorities? Would it be more convenient than servicing the machines on your own? Would you love knowing the most cutting-edge devices were always handling your printing needs?


This is the idea behind managed print services. As it wouldn’t be realistic to continually take your printing needs off-campus, managed print services allow you to outsource every other obligation related to your office’s printers.


A team of experts will remotely monitor your office’s printing activities, so they can advise if repairs or maintenance may be necessary, when you’re running low on supplies, and provide other helpful analytics.


The 3 Money-Saving Benefits of Managed Print Service

There are a number of advantages to investing in managed print services. Many companies switch merely because it’s far more convenient than handling everything in-house. Others like knowing they always have experts who a phone call are just away if they have any questions about or otherwise need help with these essential devices. Fortunately, if your budget is a significant concern, there are three managed print service benefits to look forward to.


1. Get Clear About When New Supplies Are Necessary

As we mentioned above, one of the managed print services benefits that have made it so popular is that a remote party is always keeping track of your supplies. This way, they can tell you when it’s time to order before you run out and have to either hold off on printing or go to your local office store and spend more on the supplies you need.


This also means you won’t end up ordering more than you need simply because of an ordering schedule you fell into at some point. Office supplies – including those necessary for printing – often represent inflated overhead for companies, merely because they’re never analyzed. With a team of experts continually monitoring your office’s printers, this will never be a problem again.


2. Find Out Where Your Waste Is Coming From

Speaking of which, managed print services will help you cut your printing-costs-per-page by showing you where unnecessary printing is happening in your office. For example, you may find that your IT department prints with color significantly more often than any other department in your company. Is that justified? Maybe, but it’s certainly worth looking into. You might find that there’s a way to reduce that amount and, thus, what you’re spending on supplies every month.


This may be one of the most cost-cutting of the managed print services benefits on this list when you consider that the average price of printing is 2.47 cents per page. That may not seem like a lot, but the average employee prints off 1,000 sheets of paper a year. If you have 100 employees and can just cut this number by 25% through managed print services, you’ll save $617 a year – money that can be put toward other vital investments.


3. Have Maintenance and Repairs Done Right Away

Finally, the longer your printer isn’t working, the more it’s going to cost your business. Of course, many repairs – and even replacements – can be avoided if you just carry out ongoing maintenance. With managed print services, a technician is always checking in on your device, so they can alert you the moment maintenance or repairs are necessary.


Let Blue Technologies Drop Your Printing-Costs-Per Page

When companies partner with Blue Technologies, our experts analyze their entire print and document process. After that, they’re able to come up with a proactive, centralized system unique to the client and designed to improve their output while minimizing expenses.

Once that system is in place, companies typically see their print-related overhead drop by between 20% and 40%. Best of all, our managed print services don’t require that they sacrifice any of the capabilities their business needs or go elsewhere for them. As our plans are customized for each company – not recommended from a list of options – we’re able to consider every priority our clients have before implanting an approach.


Contact Us Now to Start Saving Money Right Away

Tired of your printing-costs-per-page eating through your budget every month? Or, are you watching paper go right from your printer to the recycling bin? Blue Technologies can help.


To enjoy all of the aforementioned managed print services benefits, just contact us today and we can get started with a free assessment of your current operation.

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