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Can Your Printer Keep Up with the Pace of Your Business?

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 5, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Keeping your global supply chain and distribution networks operating efficiently and reliably depends on the underlying technology that drives the entire process. To maintain the integrity of goods during transportation and logistics, a variety of devices remains integral to successful order fulfillment and timely delivery.

For most distribution centers, the ability to capture incoming information accurately and generate outgoing documents quickly plays a vital role and complements the daily workflows. With more organizations looking towards digital transformation methodologies to help streamline the overall business process, finding a reliable solution partner can alleviate a lot of the burden and clarify complex operational problems early.

Print Solutions for Supply Chain Enterprises

Multifunction Devices (MFDs) have come a long way in the last decade. Modern MFDs support a broader range of features and operate at higher efficiencies. As supply chain businesses require the fast and accurate processing of a wide variety of documents, labels, and other identification technologies, access to a feature-rich and reliable Multifunction Printer (MFP) can help streamline operations.

Digital technologies have reinvigorated the supply chain, transportation, and distribution industries. Companies can track goods in real-time from the source to the final destination. If the organization still relies on outsourced printing solutions for barcodes and labels, it adds unnecessary overhead to the workflow.

The Konica Minolta Bizhub C658 MFP comes with native barcode support and a host of other finishing options, while also supporting a variety of different media types. When you integrate the MFP with other office productivity solutions, you can streamline the entire distribution or intake workflows. By utilizing the OCR features, you can convert order slips and shipping lists into digital data captured directly from a scan.

Reduce Compliance Costs with Integrated Workflows

With integrated workflows, companies can automate many of their manual tasks using Document Management solutions that interface with the hardware. As many jurisdictions participate in the global supply chain, the industry continues to update regulations for modernization, transparency, safety, security, and harmonization. If the organization relies on manual processing and bloated business processes, the cost of compliance can increase while exposing the company to financial risk.

Systems such as the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) will reduce the amount of paperwork and increase the accuracy of data for all goods coming in through ports. Companies will need to update supply chain systems and develop a digital transformation strategy to remain competitive. With electronic document management, e-commerce solutions, RFID tracking, and inventory management, supply chain businesses can maintain a complete audit trail for every product passing through the facility. This helps reduce the cost of demonstrable compliance by keeping a comprehensive history for every processed item.

Streamline Processing Efficiency for Greater Productivity

Every business in today’s digital world is at risk of disruption. For transportation and logistics companies, not updating processes and workflows can prove damning. With the right hardware and software solutions, companies can leverage technology to streamline the entire operation. From receiving, staging, and loading, to fleet management and customer delivery processes, businesses can benefit from modern digital systems.

Eliminating manual workflows and document processing will free up essential resources to focus on more productive tasks. Companies can also reduce operational overheads by investing in newer hardware that comes with energy-efficient features that use less power, have faster wakeup times, and use less ink for every print. Solution partners like Blue Technologies will work with the company to map out the current processes, recommend improvements, and deliver the infrastructure without disrupting operations.

Never Run Out of Supplies When It Matters Most

Managed Print Services (MPS) can help logistics and transportation firms by ensuring all hardware operates reliably, never run out of ink or toner, and resupply the required printing materials before it halts operations. With an MPS solution, the organization will have access to the latest technologies, and the service provider takes total responsibility for servicing and maintaining the hardware. Companies gain complete transparency overall printing, tagging, and labeling activities. By preventing wasteful printing practices, reducing equipment downtimes, and covering all printing costs at a single monthly price, the firm can focus on their core activities.

Blue Technologies as Your Printing Solution Partner

Blue Technologies works with companies to determine the organization’s printing and office technology needs. For shipping, distribution, and logistics businesses in Ohio, Blue Technologies can do a comprehensive assessment and recommend the right strategy to streamline operations. Since 1995, Blue Technologies have helped Ohio businesses leverage the latest technology for improved efficiency and higher productivity. With a dedication to customer service excellence, Blue Technologies works diligently to ensure the entire process operates reliably and reduces the risk of any costly downtimes. Blue Technologies can assist your organization with a digital transformation strategy that ensures your transportation and logistics firm remains competitive well into the future.

To request a detailed printing assessment, and to formulate your digital transformation strategy, speak to one Blue Technologies’ experts today.

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