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Improve Distribution Center Efficiency with These Best-in-Class Printers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Sep 4, 2019 9:15:00 AM

For many businesses, the distribution center constitutes the heart of operations. It’s through the warehouse that products flow – the culmination of a series of transactions and communications between vendor, company, and customer. As such, hiccups or snags which occur in the distribution center can radiate through the company rapidly, creating chaos that may send profits and productivity tumbling. To avoid this, businesses focus on giving their employees the best tools and processes to successfully carry out their jobs.

Like an office, a distribution center relies on its printing fleet to smoothly handle the kaleidoscope of documents they may encounter. From scanning receipts to faxing invoices or printing packing slips, a seamlessly integrated printer helps transform a warehouse into the productivity hub it needs to be.

Finding the best printer is crucial. Here are Blue Technologies’ recommendations on the best printers to optimize a distribution center.

The Best Printers for an Optimized Distribution Center

When it comes to an environment like a distribution center, only the best-in-class will do. It’s critical to support the essential operations of the business which occur here. That’s why Blue Technologies works with three of the most reputable brands on the market to develop printing solutions for warehouses.


Lexmark earned its reputation as an office staple through the years by delivering reliable, efficient devices which keep on running. With an intuitive interface and the ability to print up to speeds of 60 pages per minute, Lexmark is often the first choice for companies with demanding print environments – including distribution centers.

Finding the best Lexmark printer is best aided by determining the number of pages the distribution center prints each month. Consider the following options:

  • Under 3000 pages: The MX320/420 series provides laser printed sheets at 40+ pages per minute, in crisp monochrome. Need color? Its sister line, the CX330 series, is known for its reliability and high-yield toner cartridges.
  • Between 3000 – 6000 pages: Take a look at the X740 series, which delivers a full suite of productivity solutions as well as color-matching, all at the respectable speed of 35+ pages per minute.
  • Over 6000 pages: Environments which need a printing powerhouse should consider the MX620 through MX910 series. Loaded with additional memory and processing power, these devices are meant to keep operations flowing smoothly at whatever volume of paper. For those who need it, the CX420 through CS920 series is the color laser counterparts.

Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta made a name for itself in the office technology industry by taking color printing to the next level. These enterprise-level devices are built to pack a professional punch no matter how demanding the print environment. For that reason, distribution centers for companies with more high-end products may consider:

  • Bizhub 4020. A cost-effective option for almost any business environment, this device comes loaded with advanced networking capabilities and extended paper capacity to support demanding print loads.
  • Bizhub 4422. At 46 pages per minute, it’s one of the fastest machines; making it ideal for a distribution center. This model also comes with mobile printing capabilities to help users stay productive on the go.


HP is known for its ability to make powerful technology accessible. As a leader first in computing hardware, HP’s devices come with robust security to ensure documents remain safe at every stage. As an office hardware leader, the breadth of HP’s hardware solutions makes kitting out any print environment a breeze. Warehouses and distribution centers may wish to consider:

  • Color LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP H577z. An energy and toner-efficient model, this device is at home in departments which are connected to larger companies. Its connectivity makes it easy to access and integrate with a broader print environment.
  • LaserJet Enterprise Flow MFP M725dn. Take a step up in printing abilities with this model. With a 600-sheet capacity, the M725dn can handle A4 as well as A3 paper sizes at an astounding 20,000 pages per month. The biggest and most demanding print environments will benefit from these capabilities.

Blue Technologies Helps Companies Refine Their Processes

The modern distribution center contains a series of critical business processes which, when optimized, drive a company to new heights of success. Therefore, many businesses invest heavily in the tools and techniques needed to develop the efficiency of these processes. For many, the first step is finding a reputable, reliable printer.

Our experts demonstrate experience in not only our preferred printer manufacturers but also the processes which drive your industry. Contact us now to get started.


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