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Wide-Format Isn’t Just for Architecture and Engineering Anymore

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 12, 2019 10:36:00 AM

There’s a printer out there for every job. No matter what it is your company needs to accomplish – from a simple document to the most intricate billboard – there’s a specific printer that can make it happen.

Unfortunately, one of the most multifaceted printers goes unused by many companies despite its potential. Even if you don’t work in architecture or engineering, you should know about the capabilities of a wide-format printer.

The 4 Best Uses for a Wide-Format Printer

Given its name, it should come as no surprise that a wide-format printer is not for small signs. If you need to tell people to use the other door or leave a sign on the breakroom fridge because someone stole your lunch, this is probably not the tool.

A large format printer is for creating huge signs that are impossible for anyone to ignore. It offers the potential for an impressive range of colors for bringing out every detail you want to present. Here are four of the best ways to leverage this ability with a wide-format printer.

1. A Business Sign

A business’ sign is often responsible for making the company’s all-important first impression. While old-school handmade signs may provide a certain amount of character, they’re just as likely to advertise the business as amateurish. That’s why many companies use these for printing vinyl signs. They can be almost any size, printed with practically any graphics, are extremely affordable, and can stand up against the elements.

2. Vehicle Graphics

Of course, not every company has the benefit of being located in a popular location where using a wide-format printer for printing vinyl signs means lots of potential customers will see it. That’s why many of them turn to vehicle graphics. Modern digital printing means that a wide array of graphics can now be made and transferred to a vehicle where it will continue to look incredible after years in traffic.

3. Life-Size Cutouts

Whether it’s for a sports team, in-store display, tradeshow ad, or any other purpose, companies that need life-size cutouts need wide-format printers. The level of detail that these printers are capable immediately grab the eye of any passersby. By simply attaching them to cardboard, these incredible cutouts can also be a very cost-effective way to engage potential customers in-person.

4. Tradeshow Advertisements

Aside from life-size cutouts, wide-format printing has long been one of the best marketing tactics for tradeshows. There are all kinds of ways you can engage with prospects once they’re at your booth. However, most tradeshows are held in large banquet halls or even stadiums. Unless your booth is right at the entrance, you’ll need to work on grabbing their attention.

That’s when printing vinyl signs is essential. You can make massive signs that – because they’re so light, you can easily hoist high into the air. Given the level of detail that you can achieve with format photo printing, your sign will look incredible from a long distance.

Would Your Company Benefit from a Wide-Format Printer?

While the wide-format printer will probably continue to be a staple throughout the architecture and engineering industries for the foreseeable future, here are some others that can benefit from this powerful device:

  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Interior Decoration
  • Manufacturing
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Transportation

Any company that needs to make big, beautiful signs that are easy to hang or otherwise install and – in the case of printing vinyl signs – can hold their own against the weather, should think about the aforementioned benefits of digital printing.

Wide-Format Printer Solutions from Blue Technologies

While we do offer wide-format printers specifically for the architectural, engineer, and construction industries, we can accommodate the specific needs of any company. We’ve built our reputation throughout Ohio and the surrounding area because our digital-printing services include:

  • Compliance-on-Demand – Our team of specialists will handle maintaining technical compliance, so your staff can focus on other priorities.
  • Flexibility – Our clients love that our compliance capabilities enable them to continue their work on strategic, high-impact tasks.
  • Reduced Costs – We’ve spent years building relationships with manufacturers and remanufacturers who now give us the best possible prices on print consumables. This is savings we pass on to our clients.
  • Versioning On-the-Go – If you’re an architect, we allow for changes to be made to full-scale drawings and will immediately distribute them to contractors, subcontractors, stakeholders, and anyone else who needs to see them ASAP.
  • Reliable Archiving – Don’t lose sleep over the thought of future litigation someday hurting your business because you don’t have CAD drawings or some other large-format document anymore. We’ll handle archiving, so they’re always available when you need them.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of a Wide-Format Printer

No matter which industry you’re in or for whatever reason you need wide-format printing, Blue Technologies can help. We’ve worked with a multitude of different clients, so whatever it is you need high-quality digital printing for, we’ve probably done it numerous times before.

To learn more about our process or speak with an expert about your specific project, contact us today.

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