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Why Your Creative Business Needs an Outcome-based Service Provider

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 19, 2021 9:00:00 AM

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic forced businesses from all industries to take a closer look at their operations and move toward a more digital environment. Digital transformation was a buzzword and the shift to remote work and hybrid office environments only accelerated the trend. As expected, the resulting interest in digital technologies saw the managed services industry explode, with a market size that should reach $319.5 billion by 2024. 

At least 90% of Fortune 500 companies are working with an MSP for some or all of their infrastructure and technology needs, and smaller companies are looking to increase their competitive edge by leveraging third-party knowledge. And it’s a good idea — an MSP can provide much-needed expertise for companies too small to fund an IT department or who have an overburdened IT team that doesn’t have time to concentrate on the day-to-day tasks. 

For creative businesses such as marketing, advertising, and public relations firm, choosing the right partner is critical. Your MSP should be fully invested in your business goals and able to help you meet them. They should be interested in moving your company toward the desired outcome rather than simply selling you technology. This article will help you determine what an outcome-based service provider is and the advantages for your creative business.

What is an Outcome-Based Service Provider?

The market is saturated with managed services providers (MSPs), each clamoring to get your business. Many have portfolios full of leading-edge technologies that are meant to help businesses increase productivity, reduce costs, and more. But for creative businesses, the addition of technology must be purpose-driven in order to move you toward your business goals.

That is why you must search for an MSP that offers an outcome-based service model. An outcome-based model is geared to the specific challenges faced by your business and your desired business outcome. Here are two things to look for when seeking an MSP partner:

  1. An Outcome-Based Consult

Most MSPs will offer an assessment of your current infrastructure to determine if your business is a good fit with the services they offer. At a minimum, it should include a discussion of:

  • Your business’ budget constraints or requirements
  • Current challenges or trends in your industry
  • Internal business goals
  • Existing infrastructure and technologies
  • Needs and concerns of teams, departments, or individuals
  • Future goals

Your MSP should be able to explain exactly how their technology solutions and services will help move you closer to your business goals within the constraints of your current budget.

  1. Virtual Chief Information Officer Services

Because of their in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and IT-specific practices, a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) can assist your creative business in focusing in on goals and identifying new opportunities through a targeted IT spend. A vCIO can create a roadmap for each project goal including key process and system performance metrics, infrastructure life cycles, and of course, budgetary requirements.

Importantly, your vCIO will determine your project expectations and use these to measure project success as various waypoints. The right MSP can assign a competent individual to act as vCIO and help guide your business carefully through a digital transformation that brings numerous advantages.

Partner with Blue Technologies for Custom-Tailored IT Solutions

In today’s technology-driven world, every company is searching for ways to leverage IT for better business outcomes. At Blue Technologies, we know that not all companies are the same, so a “one size fits all” technology plan is not the answer.

Instead, we will sit down with thought leaders in your firm and uncover your core business objectives and challenges. Then, we will take into account your current infrastructure and budget and develop a custom-tailored IT strategy that will directly address your goals and help you achieve the outcome that you are aiming for. 

Our outcome-based services cover every aspect of business — from infrastructure and cybersecurity to cloud services, backup and disaster recovery, and print and document management. With all these tools and more at our fingertips, we can create, deploy, and maintain an IT strategy that will move your business forward — fast. 

Let us help you achieve the business outcome you desire. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn how our outcome-based managed IT services can help your business succeed.

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