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Why Process Optimization is Key in Manufacturing and How Managed Print Can Help

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 4, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Manufactured products are becoming more complex — and the process to create them is also becoming highly complicated, particularly since the recent coronavirus pandemic has disrupted supply chain systems around the world. That disruption is just one of the reasons manufacturers are turning to a process called manufacturing optimization to move products from the design table to the production line faster and with less waste. 

To put it simply, process optimization in the manufacturing industry is the ability to use data to make processes go faster. There are three basic areas that can be leverages for process optimization in the typical manufacturing scenario: Supply chain optimization, product design optimization, and enterprise resource planning (ERP). That last piece of the puzzle, ERP, is where managed print can assist manufacturers in optimizing processes for streamlined, efficient outcomes.

Optimizing Processes Using the Power of Managed Print

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is used by modern manufacturing organizations to automate those functions that have to do with business performance. From managing customer experiences to finding ways to provide greater visibility into financial areas, ERP is valuable across many aspects of the manufacturing lifecycle. Things like inventory control, purchasing, sales, and operations can all benefit from the application of ERP.

Managed print solutions are the perfect way to introduce process optimization into a much-overlooked aspect of the manufacturing floor — the print and imaging process. Manufacturers rely on print output for invoicing, billing, and the production of marketing collateral, product manuals, and more. Importantly, many organizations are simply not aware of their current expenditure on printing, which not only includes paper, but also infrastructure, maintenance, and other supplies such as ink and toner.

The Promise of Managed Print

A managed print solution can bring targeted visibility to your print spend, help you determine how each machine is being used and by whom, and assist in the optimization of your print infrastructure for streamlined workflows and cost reduction. Here are a few targeted ways managed print can help you optimize your print process:

Controlled Costs

A managed print services (MPS) program provides everything you need for your printing processes — infrastructure, supplies, maintenance, and services — for one predictable monthly cost. MPS helps to centralize vendors, streamline workflows, and relieve the burden of printer-related IT tasks from your in-house IT team.

Consolidated Devices

Your MPS partner will analyze your current print strategy, determining which machines are underutilized and which departments need more print support. Then, they will create a plan to consolidate your current printer fleet that focuses upon the maximization of efficiency and centralization of all printer-related information and tasks.

Automated Supply Replenishment

On the busy factory floor, there is not time for slowdowns caused by machine downtime. The same is true of your print infrastructure. An MPS partner will use secure software to accurately predict exactly when each print device needs ink and toner so that it is delivered exactly when it is needed. Not only does this method remove the need for expensive supply storage solutions, but it prevents overbuying and stockpiling of supplies for those “just in case” moments.

Predictive Analytics and Security

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, today's MPS analyze usage data and compile reports that help you gain insight into print spend — and where you can reduce costs. Additionally, MPS programs offer access control features to reduce the possibility of physical theft of printed proprietary information and remote monitoring for unauthorized access of printer endpoints.

Blue Technologies Takes Managed Print to the Next Level 

Since the pandemic, it has been more important than ever for manufacturers to focus on optimizing processes from the production floor to day-to-day functions such as printing. With supply chains still reeling and markets still volatile, paying attention to cost-saving and process optimizing tasks can make the difference between business success and barely surviving.

At Blue Technologies, we have curated leading-edge managed print technologies that can offer you a variety of advantages to assist in optimizing your print environment. From enhanced visibility and security to better machine reliability and unparalleled support, our MPS program can help you gain control of print-based tasks, costs, and security.

Optimizing processes? Don’t forget your print environment. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant to discover how our MPS program can help save you time, money, and peace of mind.

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