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Why Ohio Veterinarians Should Automate Their Workflows

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 12, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Veterinarians need to adapt to every day’s unique challenges while providing a high standard of care for their patients. Emergencies regularly disrupt their daily planning, leading to haphazard intake processes and inconsistent workflows. If anything goes wrong with the hardware, it can disrupt the entire practice and negatively affect the quality of care patients receive. With manual processes, the risk of bottlenecks that slow down intakes and delays care poses a threat to any practice.

Additionally, finding ways to save on operational costs is almost impossible, as veterinarians will usually rely on bringing in extra human resources in an attempt to solve the problem. However, leveraging technology to optimize and automate workflows will reduce costs, speed up the processes, and ensure the teams can provide excellent care for every patient.

Reduce Organizational and Communicational Inconsistencies

Often veterinarian clinics rely on manual communication and physical documents for both intake and discharge processes. The reception, examination, and surgery units all need accurate information to flow between the departments. The wrong document or chart can cause delays, which means everyone has to work longer hours to get through the day. Discharging patients take longer as receptionists capture the billing information and issue the necessary medicine, frustrating clients, and further delaying the process.

Introducing digital workflows for the entire process will help streamline communication and deliver accurate information to every department as required. A digital workflow maps the veterinarian’s manual process into sequential digital steps, ensuring the consistent and precise execution of every task. All communication relating to a specific patient will be part of the historical record and deciphering notes and filing hardcopy documents no longer required. This will improve the overall efficiency of the entire team, allowing the practice to provide excellent care for more significant amounts of patients every day.

Eliminate Performance Shortcomings with Document Management Solutions

It’s often necessary for duplicate processing by support staff to close out the workflows. They need to enter records into information and billing management systems, while also scanning copies of the physical documents and file them for future reference. This adds additional overhead, leading to a stressful work environment with employees running themselves off their feet to maintain the workflows.

Document Management solutions allow veterinarians to digitize the entire information capture, distribution, and filing processes. By removing duplicate processing tasks, it will reduce the stress of support staff and ensure all records remain available for quick and easy retrieval. Document Management systems integrate with other solutions, allowing the practice to automate many of their manual tasks for improved efficiency. Workflows will guide the documents through the practice, and whenever one document triggers another, the system will automatically transpose the related data for quicker processing.

Identifying Process Enhancement Capabilities and Cost Saving Opportunities

As veterinarians deal with emergencies every day, and the practice remains under pressure to provide care, evaluating the overall processes happens infrequently, usually only after something went wrong. By adopting a digital system, the company can review its procedures regularly, identify opportunities to save money and make further enhancements. With automated workflows and electronic document management solutions, the practice gains greater transparency over the entire process and can identify where things went wrong in the past. They’ll also have a historical record of all communications and task execution, helping them find bottlenecks and come up with solutions to prevent similar issues going forward.

Automated workflows retain all records, and as the company uses a digital system, finding information no longer requires searching through manual files for critical patient data. The system can also backup all data, ensuring the practice can recover from a disaster with little disruption to the office workers or doctors. With better communication solutions in place, every team member will stay on the same page, allowing them to focus on providing the best care for every patient.

Enhance Veterinarian Processes with Automated Workflows from Blue Technologies

For improved operational productivity and revenue growth, adopting a digital transformation strategy will help veterinarians in Ohio find greater efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities. Blue Technologies provide office productivity solutions such as Document Management Systems (DMS) and automated workflows. Connecting the front and back-office operations will improve communication, ensure accurate information flows, and ultimately help the team provide better care to their patients. Blue Technologies have served companies in Ohio since 1995, helping them leverage technology throughout their processes to gain a business advantage over their competitors.

When it comes to providing a robust and reliable business process solution, Blue Technologies will work with the practice to find an optimized technology stack. Blue Technologies also provide Managed IT Services, Managed Print Services, and other office productivity tools to help practices gain better efficiencies and bring down the bottom-line with reduced overheads.

To start your Ohio Veterinarian practice’s digital transformation journey, speak to Blue Technologies, and request an assessment today.

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