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Why End-to-End Workflows Are Critical for Large Engineering Projects

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 20, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Engineers are expected to pay attention to details all of the time, as errors in a typical large engineering project — think bridges, roadways, buildings, and pipelines — can lead to financial disaster and even loss of life. It is essential that engineers keep control of and understand the data they are handling.

Yet, one of the most common mistakes leading to project failures is a problem of communication. Most incidents of rework are down to faulty communication among project staff, poor project data, or lack of collaboration among stakeholders. That is why engineers, project managers, data analysts, and other stakeholders in large engineering projects must find an easy and collaborative solution to reducing errors in data from project inception to its successful completion. 

Keeping data workflows clear can be difficult, however, and bad data can turn up in a number of ways. Siloed data, dependencies among data assets, and poor visibility can promote unintended negative consequences anywhere along the project lifecycle. Reliable insights stem for powerful collaboration and data observability across key areas of project management, including planning.

End-to-End Engineering Workflows are Supported Through Exceptional Collaboration

Collaboration has many advantages for engineering projects. It fosters innovation for better solutions, unites both technical and nontechnical team members, saves time and money, and leads to less frustration for both clients and the engineering team. Yet the wrong kind of collaboration can result in broken or erroneous data, which can seriously impact project outcomes. 

Fortunately, end-to-end workflows are simply and easily supported with the use of innovative new software from Bluebeam®. The Bluebeam Revu® is a PDF-based tool for measurement and markup that assists engineers and their teams in maintaining the integrity of data throughout the project lifecycle.

Bluebeam Revu® for Better Engineering Outcomes

One of the most important facets of project performance is receiving timely feedback from all stakeholders to reduce the chances of costly change order during project construction. Bluebeam Revu® allows all partners to collaborate in real time on the same document using intuitive and simple tools. 

Here are some examples of how this powerful software can keep your project on track from beginning to end:

RFI Posting 

Your firm probably works on many projects at the same time. Keeping submittals organized is critical for success tracking. Using elements such as smart markup, hyperlinking and visualization tools, Revu keeps RFIs or RFPs organized and helps your team keep projects on track. 

Quantity Takeoff 

Ready to submit a proposal? Measurement tools inherent in Revu help your team assess the true scope of a project for stronger, more accurate bids that give you the competitive edge. 

Document Management 

Having access to project details regardless of where your team is working — at home, in the office, or on the road — is invaluable. Revu allows easy access, review, and upload of project-related documents and files in one location. 

Submittal Review 

Already have a document management system? No problem. Revu uses powerful markup and editing tools to simplify submittals, and can also integrate into many document management systems for seamless collaboration.

Drawing Management 

Manage and share the most current drawing set with team members and stakeholders both in the office and in the field using dynamic document tools in Revu.

Punch Process 

Want to achieve a 90% completion rate on the first back check? Revu can help your project team get these results by sorting and summarizing punch items within drawings.


Quality control is essential for good project outcomes. Revu’s markup and collaboration tools make quality reviews faster, more accurate, and more thorough. 

Blue Technologies Has Bluebeam Revu® to Help Your Workflow

Busy engineering firms know that managing data along the project lifecycle is essential to a strong and successful project finish. And we know it, too. That is why we have brought Bluebeam Revu® on board to help our architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) clients gain a competitive edge — and peace of mind.

Using innovative, yet simple-to-use tools, Bluebeam Revu® can put the power of end-to-end engineering workflows at your service, helping your team churn out successful projects with few setbacks, change orders, and errors overall.

Manage your collaboration and workflows the easy way. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant for more information about the powerful advantages Bluebeam Revu® can bring your firm.

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