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Why ECM Belongs in Every Classroom

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 28, 2019 9:18:00 AM

Everyone knows that teachers play one of the most essential roles in society. It’s their job to help prepare our young people for the future by giving them the educations they’ll need to thrive.

This is also why it’s so important that teachers have access to every tool available for them to succeed in these critical roles.

While many exist, ECM (Enterprise Content Management) solutions are emerging as some of the most important in the digital age. What used to represent the technology of the future has become the standard for today’s classrooms.

5 Reasons Every Classroom Needs ECM

Our ECM services are more than just pathways to a paperless classroom. They’re also about helping educators provide better classrooms for their students through the strategic use of technology like:

  • Multifunction Printers
  • Network Systems
  • PCs
  • Software
  • Tablets
  • VoIP Solutions
  • Wireless Networking
  • Workflow Automation Platforms

After our experts assess an academic institution, we can provide classrooms with five important benefits.

1. ECM Is a Green Solution

A paperless classroom is better for the environment as it means fewer habitats need clearing, less required polluting machinery, and minimizing wasted paper.

If an institution has been looking into how to reduce paper use to be greener, one of the easiest ways, to begin with, is to take it out of the equation. Achieve this by providing students with PCs and tablets for taking notes and making assignments available through the cloud.

For updates, reports, and permission slips that need to go to parents, schools can utilize email and post them to their website or social media page.

2. A Paperless Classroom Is a Budget-Friendly Classroom

Another significant benefit of a paperless classroom is that it’s better for the school’s budget.

On average, K-12 schools spend between $30,000 and $50,000 every year just on the paper they must print. That doesn’t even touch on how much room they need to use to store all this paper. Over time, they must keep spending on more space for the filing cabinets required to store their growing archive of documents.

If the U.S. courts system's paperless initiative is anything to go by, switching to electronic solutions could mean saving millions of dollars for educational institutions.

3. Effortlessly Scale Communications

Communication is vital for the functioning of every school.

For example, administrators often need to make important announcements to staff members. In the past, this is when another employee would need to go from classroom-to-classroom disseminating printed notes.

With a paperless classroom that utilizes ECM, workflow automation can replace the old, time-consuming process. It can even be integrated with email tools like Microsoft Outlook, making it even easier for teachers to respond right from their classroom computers.

4. Give Teachers More Time to Do What They Do Best

When Eminence Middle School adopted paperless classrooms, one of the biggest surprises was how much time teachers saved that they otherwise would have otherwise spent on waiting to use the copier. This is no longer necessary when distributing digital assignments.

Another major time expenditure for teachers is the traditional method of collecting papers. Students print theirs off at home and turn them in. Teachers take them home, score them by hand, and then return them.

With a paperless classroom that leverages ECM solutions, students submit digital solutions, teachers type their comments in, and then return the document digitally.

These kinds of efficient shortcuts give educators more time to focus on actually teaching.  

5. All of This from One Platform

Perhaps the best part about our ECM solutions is that schools can enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits without significantly adding to their IT staff members’ current workflow.

Aside from the various hardware solutions we mentioned earlier, our services also include access to critical IT support, which will proactively monitor for potential technical problems. This way, they don’t have to worry that a paperless classroom may someday mean their educators are unable to teach because the network is down.

Our remote management team also provides schools with valuable insights about where their classrooms can save even more money or serve their students even better by making simple adjustments to their use of technology.

Use ECM to Improve Your Classroom

Would you like to improve your classrooms with the six benefits listed above?

Would the result make it easier for your educators to serve their students?

If so, we would love to help. Contact us today and let’s discuss all the ways our ECM solutions can give your teachers and students better learning environments.

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