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Why Color Consistency Matters for Branding

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 28, 2021 8:15:00 AM

The brand identity of your business is how your public sees you, and it creates the ideal framework for developing a strong (and loyal!) customer base and exceptional customer retention. Getting a handle on those things can, in turn, result in a true competitive advantage over other businesses in your industry. 

A well-defined identity for your brand helps you stand out, but to make it work it must be consistent across all channels. Brand consistency means delivering messaging in the same tone, logos in the same color, and visual brand elements in a way that is recognizable. 

Why Color Consistency Matters for Your Brand and How to Achieve It

Consistent branding means that your company becomes memorable. The old “Rule of Seven” marketing rule where someone must see something seven times before being able to recall it is still alive and well. When you practice brand consistency, you are helping your target audience remember your brand, regardless of where they encounter it. 

Does it work? Well, 71% of consumers noted that they are more likely to purchase goods or services from a brand they recognize. Need more proof? When you engage in marketing consistency, you can increase your brand’s revenue by 23% on average. And consistent brand colors help you increase your brand’s ability to be recognized by a whopping 80%. 

But there are also intangible benefits of brand consistency that pay big dividends for your business. One of them is the ability to build a level of trust with your audience. When that happens, you are on the right path for success — 81% of consumers agree that they must trust a brand before making a purchase from them. 

Want to know how to build solid brand consistency? Here are our top tips:

  1. Create Brand Guidelines  

You not only need the same look across channels, but also the same voice. To ensure that your entire marketing group — and other stakeholders — are on board, create a set of brand guidelines. These guidelines can include grammatical style and voice preferences, social media examples, hex codes for your logo, and more. Just make sure you are very specific. Have them in writing!

  1. Use the Same Color Palette

Remember, consistent brand colors mean increased recognition — up to 80%! Develop a color palette for your company to build recognition and incorporate it into all marketing collateral. 

  1. Use Your Logo Everywhere

Your logo is really the face of your company, so put it everywhere. Logos — in consistent colors — should be on all marketing collateral across all platforms your business uses. Start with paper marketing vehicles such as business cards, letterhead, and brochures and expand to include digital assets such as your webpages, emails, and more. 

  1. Stay Consistent Across Channels

We just said it, but it is worth repeating: Make sure your brand is consistent both online and in real life. Billboard or paper marketing should reflect the same colors, tone, and voice. 

  1. Use a High-Quality Printer In-House for Exceptional Brand Control

The best way to ensure your marketing materials have exceptional color consistency is by having access to an exceptional quality color print in-house. An in-house printer gives you outstanding control over the nuances of colors for spectacular consistency across all 3D marketing materials. If you invest in a wide-format printer, you can even expand your collateral to include wall or floor decals, outdoor banners, trade show and in-store signage, and more. 

Blue Technologies Has Top of the Line Color Printers for Exceptional Color Matching

Now you know that color consistency is essential for brand consistency. And brand consistency is the winning ticket to higher revenue and a better relationship with your target audience.

Don’t leave your brand’s colors to chance — or worse yet, in the hands of a third party that does not have any stake in keeping your colors consistent from job to job. At Blue Technologies, we partner with leaders in the print and imaging industries to bring you the widest range of printers to suit your needs. We have a model in your price range right now that can help you get the measurable marketing results you crave.

Don’t leave your branding consistency to chance. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and discover how a cost-effective, high-quality, in-house printer can be the answer to your marketing goals.

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