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Why Accounting Firms in Ohio Need a Reliable Managed Service Provider

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 16, 2020 9:45:00 AM

The amount of information an accounting firm processes every day is staggering. Incoming documents and expedited workflows make keeping track of all data a challenge for any CPA. As these firms also manage personal and financial information, it makes them uniquely susceptible to cyberattacks. Keeping in mind that the technological landscape continues to evolve, staying up to date with the latest developments in information technology isn't easy.

While firms should utilize modern technologies to improve their performance, access to the systems and solutions that increase productivity could also put them at risk. If the firm doesn't implement robust security on all their systems, they could be in contravention of regulations governing the industry. Acts like Sarbanes-Oxley make specific controls of information security mandatory for all financial accounting operations.

IT Related Issues Accounting Firms Face Regularly

For most accounting firms, IT systems help them to achieve more with less. Digital information management systems can help reduce manual processing, but if the system goes down, it could lead to widespread disruptions in the office. While in-house IT teams can learn to work within the confines of a legacy system, it puts everyone in the company under constant pressure.

Managed Services (or Managed IT Services) can help the organization regain control over its information management systems. Instead of tasking in-house resources with continually putting out IT fires, accounting firms in Ohio can utilize managed services to improve operations and gain additional efficiencies during their daily workflows.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Ohio Accounting Firms

Technology is becoming more complex. The rise of cloud-services, elastic provisioning, and big data analytics continue to reshape the technology stacks available to firms. At the same time, in-house IT teams may not be experts in these fields, and legacy systems could impede productivity in firms.

To ensure firms leverage the latest technologies for increased efficiencies, they'll need access to industry experts who understand the latest capabilities. Here are four significant benefits of Managed IT Services for Ohio accounting firms:

1. Upgraded Information Technologies

A significant benefit from moving to a Managed Services model is granting firms access to the latest information technologies. Technology continues to disrupt every industry, and not keeping up with the latest solutions can put a firm at risk. With Managed IT Services, the firm can adopt new systems that streamline their workflows and provides additional convenience to its clients. This will include software systems, cloud-storage solutions, document management systems, and new hardware like workstations, servers, routers, and printers.

2. Reliable IT Operations

Managed Services require the solution provider to monitor all IT systems remotely. For networks, devices, and applications, ensuring it's always available will help improve the accounting firm's operations. The Managed Services will also ensure all peripherals receive the necessary software updates, while also backing up the firm's data regularly. The service will also configure the entire information management environment, including the networks for improved performance.

3. Improved Information Security

Information security is a primary concern for anyone who manages personal information. A single breach can lead to reputational damage and civil liability. To protect this information, accounting firms need access to network security experts. As there is currently a shortage of these expert resources, Managed Services can help bridge the knowledge gap. With Managed IT Services, the firm will have access to a team of dedicated network security professionals who ensure their networks and information systems remain protected with the latest solutions available.

4. Consistent and Predictable Budgets

In the past, every technology upgrade required new infrastructure. Managed Services can eliminate the need for large capital investments and allow firms can scale their IT operations as needed. Managed IT Services will consider the current operating environment before calculating the cost of the service. This gives firms a consistent budget for all their IT related requirements while allowing them to scale services if needed. The service provider will also help the firm establish a disaster recovery plan to ensure business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or a compromised network.

Managed Services for Sustainable IT Operations in Ohio Accounting Firms

Blue Technologies provides Managed IT Services that help any type of organization deploy modern technologies to improve their efficiencies. From document management systems to Managed Print Services and complete Managed IT solutions, Blue Technologies can help develop and implement a technology stack that allows Ohio accounting firms to remain at the cutting edge of digital transformation.

By working with accounting firms to understand their unique challenges, Blue Technologies can recommend a technology stack that operates reliably and maximizes efficiencies. Blue Technologies have a team of IT professionals who understand the latest pitfalls and benefits of current solutions. To help accounting firms deploy a comprehensive Managed Services solution, Blue Technologies will assist them with implementing the necessary software and hardware systems that help them maintain sustainable operations.

If you need more information about what benefits Managed IT Services can provide your accounting firm in Ohio, request a call back from Blue Technologies today.


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