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Private Practices Should Use Prism DocRecord to Keep Documents Safe

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Oct 7, 2019 8:00:00 AM

A private practice – whether in healthcare or the legal industry – takes on tremendous responsibilities. Not only are they faced with all of the challenges of a startup enterprise, but they must also contend with the mountain of legal compliance mandates, plus the unique security requirements which arise in these industries. Even the smallest private practice needs to keep its documents as safe as its most significant competitors do.

Fortunately, enterprise content management systems such as Prism DocRecord are not just accessible, but practical options for private practices. Such software delivers critical document security alongside enterprise-nurturing accessibility and operational efficiency.

What Is Prism DocRecord?

DocRecord is a comprehensive, intuitive software application designed for electronic document management. It features a desktop client with an intuitive interface to assist with rapid search or retrieval of digital files. Additionally, it works alongside the office printer to create keyword-searchable files from scanned documents.

DocRecord leverages tools such as automated document capture and optical character recognition to create a streamlined ecosystem through which documents flow with ease. It’s like having dedicated office personnel who ensures that all invoices, receipts, relevant emails, forms, or letters are always collected, organized, and properly stored.

Five Reasons Why a Private Practice Should Choose Prism DocRecord

DocRecord delivers substantial benefits to any company which deploys it in their fast-paced, document-intense work environment. Private practices choose DocRecord to:

1. Keep Business Processes Fast and Organized

When it comes to staying on top of the mountain of paperwork associated with private practices, manual processes won’t do. ECM software like DocRecord cuts out manual filing, laborious data entry, and document capture, all of which fall prey to disorganization or human error. ECM software helps business processes remain fast and organized by making sure that everything users need to stay at their fingertips and in the correct places – at all times.

2. Improve Document Availability and Access

Any company which has ever had physical filing cabinets knows the frustration of misplaced documents or lost cabinet keys. In contrast, DocRecord keeps documents in cloud storage, which is readily accessible if the correct credentials are entered. A powerful keyword-based search feature ensures a complete availability to every piece of information captured. With DocRecord, documents remain accessible, available, and easy to find.

3. Ensure Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Nobody likes thinking about a disaster, but the most successful businesses prepare for it ahead of time. Digitally stored files improve disaster recovery readiness. By keeping copies of essential records stored off-site, it increases the likelihood that a private practice will survive a disaster. Whether a ransomware attempt or a physical catastrophe, DocRecord can help make sure that a private practice gets on its feet again as soon as it’s able.

4. Increase Flexibility and Interoperability

Interoperability is a catchy word floating around the healthcare industry. It’s also the future of healthcare. In an interoperable environment, data moves between interfaces and programs fluidly, increasing business flexibility, and employee access. DocRecord helps induce interoperability by leveraging cloud technology. Make sure that nurses, other specialists, insurance companies, and other critical parties can access information rapidly and securely.

5. Maximize Document and Data Security

Data security cannot be stressed enough when it comes to businesses large and small. For private practices in the legal and healthcare industries, however, data security also comes with stringent compliance requirements to protect the sensitive information these companies handle. Prism DocRecord helps private practices maximize document and data security through robust access controls, secure storage, and next-generation layers of security to make data harder to access.

Rethink Your Document Management Strategies

A private practice has a lot to manage. Unlike working with a larger organization, these professionals must shoulder the responsibilities of managing a business, in addition to carrying out their practice. As such, they need the tools to adequately handle their document management processes in a way which keeps critical information secure, accessible, and interoperable. Choosing Prism DocRecord is one strategy which many private practices take. It’s an easy, cost-effective, and practical solution.

Blue Technologies helps private practices in Ohio develop the document management strategies they need to succeed. Start a conversation with us today to get started with keeping your documents secure and organized.

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