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What’s Covered When You Get Managed IT Services?

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Feb 15, 2019 11:24:00 AM

Without a doubt, IT services are among some of the most important for any modern business. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes sense to handle all of these vital services in-house. In fact, for many companies – including large corporations – the best way to make the most of them is to outsource their needs by investing in IT service management.

10 Reasons to Leverage IT Service Management

Provided you partnered with the right managed service company, there are ten reasons so many companies from across every industry are glad they’ve outsourced many of their IT needs.

1. Reduced Risk

Most companies face a number of risks where their IT services are involved. They must conform to everything from government regulations to changing financial conditions to emerging technologies and much more.

When you outsource your needs to a managed service company, you outsource the risk, too. They’re in charge of monitoring these factors and adjusting necessarily.

2. Compliance

Whether it’s industry-specific or something like PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards, once again, you can outsource many of your compliance needs to a managed service company. They’ll ensure you’re complying, while your company continues doing its best work.

3. Proactive Problem-Solving

A managed service company will also keep an eye out for any problems that might lead to downtime, glitches, and other costly IT-related issues. You’ll never lose sleep wondering if there’s a catastrophe waiting for your company around the corner.

4. Scalability

Is a larger competitor beating your company because they can afford a full-service IT department? Outsourcing means you can add or subtract whatever types of managed services you want, whenever you want. Scale at will, so no competitor is ever out of reach.

5. Predictable Costs

IT costs can quickly spiral out of control without necessarily improving your company’s capabilities. With IT management, you’ll always know what your monthly spending will look like while also avoiding many of the aforementioned costly consequences of not managing IT-related risks.

6. IT Expertise

A managed service company primarily employs nothing but IT experts. So, even if you were to invest in building your department, you probably still wouldn’t have anywhere near as many experts under one roof. Therefore, while you’re not spending more, outsourcing will give you more access to extensive IT expertise.

7. Immediate Response Times

Even better, these are dedicated IT experts. When you call them, they answer. Whether you’re worried about a potentially dire situation or you have a question, you’ll only be a phone call away from someone who will always have a response.

8.Vendor Management

Knowing what to look for in software vendors, then hiring those vendors, and then managing your relationship with vendors can turn into a full-time job for one or more of your employees.

On the other hand, you could outsource these responsibilities to your IT service management company and let them handle these vital tasks.

9. The Latest Technology

This level of vendor management also makes it easy to immediately begin leveraging the latest in technology to meet your company’s goals better.

At the same time, having this level of IT expertise will ensure that you don’t switch to new technology just because it’s new. They’ll vet all your options, so you’re only spending on the ones that will produce a positive ROI.

10. Protected Priorities

Finally, one of the most important advantages of outsourcing the types of managed services your company needs to flourish is that you don’t have to pull any employees away from what they were hired to do. They continue to stay focused on what they do best without your company’s IT capabilities suffering in the least.

What You Can Expect from Our IT Service Management

As a managed service company with well over 20 years of experience, we understand that your business has unique needs, which is why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all packages. Instead, we work with each of our clients carefully, so we can better understand what challenges they may be facing and which opportunities might be on the horizon. The main types of managed services we offer include:

  • Cloud
  • IT Solutions
  • Compliance

However, the most important advantage we can provide your business is our experience. Our team of technology experts will make recommendations based on their years of helping other companies make the best possible decisions. While we can always revise your portfolio of service in the future, partnering with an expert from the very beginning means you’ll enjoy the full benefits of whichever types of managed services you choose right away.

Partner with a Managed Service Company with 20+ Years of Experience

Work with a partner you can trust that they’d be able to deliver their services seamlessly. If you’d like to learn more about how Blue Technologies can improve your company or schedule an initial assessment, we would love to hear from you.

Contact us today to explore a more efficient future for your business.

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