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What You Might Not Know About Managed Print Services

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Feb 26, 2019 10:42:00 AM

Does your company take advantage of managed print services? Most companies do these days, but there are still several companies that have been putting off such transition. Though it may seem like a big decision, it often makes a lot more sense when you consider the many advantages of implementing such a program.

4 Managed Print Service Benefits You May Not Know About

If you’ve heard of managed print services before, you’ve heard about the many benefits it has to offer companies. Two of the most common are how convenient these services are and how effective they are for saving money.

While those are certainly true, they hardly tell the whole story. Here are four more managed print service benefits that every company should know about.

1. Helping Small Businesses

One of the most common misconceptions about managed print services is that it’s a large-scale solution for equally large companies. Many people imagine it’s only feasible if your company operates on hundreds of printers, copiers, and fax machines and has massive budgets for keeping them all running year-round.

The truth is that these services are fantastic for companies of any size that want to reduce their printing costs per page. While this does mean that the more printing you do, the more you’ll notice the benefits, that doesn’t mean large-scale printing is necessary for that to happen.

2. Improving Current Systems

Another misconception that keeps many companies from harnessing managed print services benefits is that they’re only offered to businesses that first buy brand-new print and imaging devices. This misunderstanding probably stems from the fact that managed print services are often offered as an add-on to customers who buy new machines.

However, that kind of purchase isn’t remotely mandatory. For example, at Blue Technologies, we offer completely customizable solutions. That means we can create one around any printer-deployment your company currently relies on. Furthermore, a setup of older devices needs help from managed services. Constantly monitoring them for needed repairs and maintenance will ensure they continue working for years to come.

Lastly, this point also holds for companies that use more than one brand of device. Some think that this would mean having to sign up for two different service packages or even working with two different companies. While every service company is different, at Blue Technologies, we’re brand-independent. Whatever printing and imaging devices you’re using, we can remotely manage for you.

3. Reaching Superior Results Through Expertise

It’s common for a company to realize that their printing costs are out of control but decide to try tackling them on their own. The problem is that discovering the issue and resolving it are two quite different prospects. Often, the former is incredibly simple: it’s impossible to ignore what printing is costing a company.

Solving it is not always possible for a company with other priorities. That’s because it needs constant supervision of these devices’ operations. Then, these operations must be analyzed to find where unnecessary printing – and, thus, costs – are occurring. After that, a place must be designed and implemented to start cutting that waste.

There’s also the monitoring required to know when maintenance and repairs are necessary, so devices don’t cease working prematurely. This kind of monitoring must also focus on the use of supplies (e.g., ink, toner). That way, they’re never ordered early – causing an unnecessary cut to the budget – or forgotten about until they’re completely out.

4. Boosting Security

Arguably the most underrated of the many managed print services benefits is how they improve print security.

As these devices have advanced over the years, hackers have realized that printers are vulnerable to many of their attacks. Better still (for them, anyway), most office workers don’t pay nearly as close of attention to printers as they do to their computers. It makes it that much easier to enter a company’s network that way, at which point, their options are nearly endless.

Companies that use managed print services don’t have to worry about the same dire consequences. They know that a qualified team of experts is always watching over their printers and would immediately report any suspicious activities.

Managed Print Services from Blue Technologies

At Blue Technologies, we’ve spent more than 20 years providing managed print services to companies from a number of industries throughout Ohio. Typically, companies that secure our services see a drop of 20% to 40% in their print-related costs. They pick us because we offer our clients:

  • Convenience
  • Efficiency
  • Visibility
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity

Start Enjoying the Many Benefits of Managed Print Services

Ready to enjoy lower printing costs per page and improved security? Those are just two of the many managed print services benefits – reason they’ve become so popular today.

Contact us today and we’d be happy to offer your company a free assessment to show you exactly where our managed print services can help your unique operation.

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