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What Opportunities Can a Production Printer Create for Your Publishing House

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 17, 2021 8:15:00 AM

For many businesses, a production printer — those machines that can complete complex and high-volume jobs quickly — are a nice addition to the copy room. For other businesses like print production facilities or publishing houses, a printer that can handle production-level jobs is an absolute necessity.

Current models are loaded with technology that makes them more accessible and easier to use, allowing businesses to bring more work in-house to save money and maintain closer control over quality and project timing.

Importantly, the cost of acquisition has dropped, and many printer supply companies now offer flexible financing terms to make purchasing an in-house model easier than ever.

Finding New Opportunities with a Production Level Printer

If your business requires the ability to produce professional grade output on slim deadlines, even an entry-level production printer starting at around 60 pages per minute (ppm) can give your business the edge when it comes to establishing a lead in the competition.

In-house marketing departments, professional print facilities, and marketing agencies all rely on the power of these machines to create attention-grabbing printed material and high-volume jobs.

But production printers open up the doors to new opportunities for growth for even the smallest of publishing houses as the trend toward digital printing continues to escalate.

The Platform Economy and Web-to-Print

Online ordering and specification of print packages are the order of the day as more printers move to a platform-based economy where ecommerce creates a push-to-print environment for faster turnarounds.

Production printers, with new technologies and the ability to create higher quality end products, help streamline print workflows with automated printing and finishing capabilities.

With 86% of book publishers relying on digital printing for some — or all — of their book printing needs, the ability to curate a better customer experience through an automated process will be the key to success.

The Opportunity to Solve Current Print Challenges

Whether you have a new or existing print/publishing house, establishing a strategic partnership with clients is essential to continued profitability.

Other key ways a production printer can assist in opening up new opportunities for business expansion and profitability include:

  • Production printers can help reduce the lifecycle costs associated with warehousing runs, help your business print even short runs affordably to expand your customer base, and realize overall cost savings.
  • The right prepress suite can help maximize automation and streamline workflows for greater efficiency and the ability to meet tighter deadlines.
  • Low-volume, backlisted titles can be printed profitably using production-level equipment.
  • Dispersed fulfillment can lower shipping costs and reduce time to delivery for faster turnarounds and better customer service.
  • Book components can be customized to open up new markets in personalized books.

Finally, production printers can be leveraged to help your publishing house create on-point marketing materials to gain traction in a new market or create trust and loyalty among your current client base.

Turn to Blue Technologies for Cutting-Edge Production Printers

If you are a publishing house or print production facility that is ready to open up new markets for exploration — and profit — you will want to take advantage of the power and technology inherent in today’s leading-edge production print machines.

Our selection of production-level printers brings you media flexibility, brilliant color and/or sharp black and white output, and a range of speeds that can perfectly match your needs and business goals.

In today’s platform economy, the meshing of software with hardware is critical for efficient workflows and a better customer experience — a quality that all our machines offer. Depending on the model, they can even adjust print jobs on the fly to provide the kind of quality and flexibility that customers demand. Outputs are adjusted and corrected through cutting-edge automation and inline finishing capabilities make production a breeze — while keeping downtime to a bare minimum.

Don’t miss the opportunity to expand the capabilities of your publishing house. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and explore our wide selection of state-of-the-art production printers.

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