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What Ohio Businesses Need to Know about Technology Security

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Aug 21, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Ohio businesses need to know how to handle modern security concerns. From natural disasters to cybercriminal attacks, anything can happen, and it pays to be prepared. Data backups and disaster recovery services are among the essential parts of any company’s security framework.

Technology Security for Ohio Businesses: The Costs of Not Having a Plan

For Ohio businesses, some of the highest costs are those of not having a plan. Anything can happen, and it pays to be prepared. Whether caused by a natural disaster, or a data breach, every hour of downtime costs businesses an average of $42,000.

Businesses who are underprepared suffer the greatest whenever there’s a problem that’s severe enough to cause downtime. Here’s a rundown on what sort of things firms should be preparing to take on proactively.

Intellectual Property Lawsuits

Intellectual property lawsuits are a hot topic and something that Ohio businesses should seek to avoid. There is a jaw-dropping $300 billion worth of IP theft, which only accounts for IP theft in the United States of America.

Having a plan on how to handle IP issues is imperative. Firms who lack the foresight to plan when it comes to intellectual property can incur steep costs. Those costs can be avoided by using intellectual property management technology and other tools provided by managed IT services.

Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are one of the most potentially damaging problems a business can experience. Ohio has historically suffered from flooding, tornadoes, and extreme blizzards, all of which can and have caused extensive damage in the past. In Cleveland, earthquakes are also a severe risk.

In the event of a flood, tornado, blizzard, or earthquake, widespread power outages are inevitable. Structural failure is another concern as buildings age. Local natural disasters exasperate the damage caused by structural failure and can end up costing businesses tremendous amounts of money to weather through it.

The damages from these events include the destruction of data as hard drives and servers can be destroyed.

Fires are another issue in which to worry. For the most part, Ohio businesses can mitigate these risks by having the appropriate insurance coverage. Companies who aren’t insured will have substantial cash flow interruptions when such problems occur. While insurance can resolve property damage, it cannot replace the money lost from destroyed data. That kind of damage can be prevented by data backups and disaster recovery measures put in place by managed IT services.

Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks are one of the single most important things to prepare for as a business. The private sector gets bombarded with cyber threats, including data breaches, ransomware, malware, and spyware, all of which end up costing money.

How to Plan

Proactive planning is essential; however, it can be overwhelming, and businesses can struggle when figuring out where to start. Companies should turn to a managed service to facilitate proactive disaster recovery planning.

What to Do?

One of the best ways to be proactive about disaster recovery is to have a managed IT service at the ready. By investing in a managed IT service, firms can gain peace of mind knowing that their digital assets are protected.

First and foremost, when it comes to cybersecurity, data backup and disaster recovery measures are a must. Ideally, these backups should be stored remotely at a separate location. Managed IT services cover all of it. They maintain data backups and extend robust cybersecurity solutions in the form of software and experienced security professionals.

The Importance of Having a Managed IT Service

Managed IT services are rapidly becoming a necessity rather than a luxury. Not only are businesses heavily relying on them, but government agencies are also seeking out managed IT services for cost-effective security solutions.

Top-notch managed IT services like Blue Technologies carry advanced technologies like Blue Protect, that features 24/7 monitoring, live support, and other protection features.

Get the Best in Technology Security, Data Backup, and Disaster Recovery with Blue Technologies

Ohio businesses looking for superior cybersecurity protection services can turn to Blue Technologies. Stand on the shoulders of giants and benefit from some of the most sophisticated data backup and disaster recovery solutions in the state.

Have a chat with Blue Technologies and ask about the benefits of proactive data backup and disaster recovery solutions.

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