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What is G7 Printing and How Can it Help You Manage Client Color Quality?

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 20, 2022 9:00:00 AM

In today’s hypercompetitive markets, all industry players are looking for ways to become — and stay — leaders in their respective niches. To do this, it is critical to maintain an image and customer experience that is consistent across all marketing activities and channels. Developing a brand identity is hard work and expensive, so companies want their messaging to be powerful, with the same visual appeal across platforms. This continuity provides consumers with a sense of trust and reliability that can build loyalty and reinforce a brand’s value proposition to foster increased awareness.

One way that brands accomplish this feat is through careful choice of a memorable logo and colors. Studies show that customers who connect with a brand will spend twice the money on it, compared to brands they don’t relate to. Once a brand spends money to create a visible identity, it is crucial that this identity remains, well, identifiable, regardless of the medium used. And that all comes down to color. 

G7 Printing — Your Spot-On Color Manager

When you run a print shop, your clients expect reliable color consistency. After all, the right color is a critical element of their brand image. Colors for logos and other branding devices must stay compatible, regardless of printing type or even substrate choices to keep brand integrity on target. And that is where a printer that is certified for G7 printing provides the color matching performance you need — and your customers' demand. Here’s what you need to know about G7:

G7 is Global

G7 is considered a global specification that is now used by over 1,100 providers of print services around the world. State-of-the-art G7 technology allows highly calibrated presses to create visual products that are not only high quality, but also unified through exacting color matching. 

The Meaning of “G7”

Many wonder what the moniker “G7” stands for. The “G” denotes the color Gray and the “7” stands for secondary and primary solid ink values, specifically:

  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK)
  • Red, Green, and Blue (RGB)

Because the G7 printer can control these elements precisely across both sets of values, they have far more control over final production color.

The Power of Gray

For more than a century, photography has been using grayscales to balance color in full-spectrum imaging. Now, G7 technology brings this concept to the world of printing. Using grayscale calibration, the G7 method can produce repeatable and consistent color management.

Consistent Across Media

Customers need many collateral types — from signage and brochures to packaging, flyers, and even business cards. Using a printer equipped with G7 print technology allows for consistent design regardless of media or ink usage. Because G7 can align the balance of grays for each substrate, print types remain common. 

Consistent Across Machines

Another attribute of G7 technology is that it allows printers to maintain consistency regardless of printing technologies, materials, and even machines used. This feature allows commercial printers to have better flexibility when selecting processes and tools that will meet — or exceed — customer expectations in terms of price and performance. 

Blue Technologies Has G7 Certified Printers for Your Print Shop

Idealliance®, known for being the leading graphic communications industry association in the world, has awarded print and imaging leader Konica Minolta with the Digital Electrophotographic Press Certification and ISO/PAS 15339 System Certification for their premier print products, the AccurioPress C4080 and C4070.

The devices are required to pass a stringent series of tests that ensure they meet specific print standards. As G7 certified devices, they can ensure your customers receive the consistent color quality they want with the kind of sophisticated finishing options that allow them to leverage a wider variety of end products for marketing and other business applications. 

At Blue Technologies, we carry a full spectrum of AccurioPress production printers to meet the branding and marketing needs of your clients and allow you to grow your print shop revenues by offering specifications and calibration levels unmatched by other printers.

Take your print shop to the highest level of sophistication. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and learn more about our series of AccurioPress printers and G7 printing capabilities. 

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