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Top Trends in Health IT for 2021

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Feb 16, 2021 8:15:00 AM

The big news for the healthcare industry in 2020, unsurprisingly, was the arrival of a global pandemic in the form of the COVID-19 virus.

This virus did more than disrupt public and private lives and economies across the globe. It also forced healthcare organizations to harness the power of digital strategies to more efficiently deal with an onslaught of patients, data, and myriad changing rules and regulations.

In the new year, the top trends in health IT reflect this new focus as the healthcare industry struggles to adopt digital innovations that will:

  • Strengthen case management and patient care activities
  • Reduce implementation barriers such as ethical, legal, and privacy concerns
  • Help providers digitally transform faster and with tremendous success


The Most Critical Top Trends in Health IT This Year

As the healthcare industry continues to navigate issues surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, new technologies emerge to assist providers in managing care scenarios, providing a better patient experience, and achieving better outcomes.

Here are our top picks for trends to watch as the year unfolds:

  1. Expanded Telehealth Capabilities

As more concerns surrounding social distancing and public health and safety protocols designed to reduce the spread of infection arise, patients and providers alike turn to telehealth technologies to receive needed care.

As early as March 2020, the number of telehealth “visits” had more than doubled, moving from 5.5% to an astounding 16.2% in as few as three weeks.

As the year progresses, we expect to see a “digital-first” response to care from providers as they screen patients through access to telehealth technologies instead of in-person visits.

In a move toward solidarity, insurers reimburse telehealth visits simultaneously as in-office visits, making telehealth more accessible to patients.

  1. EHRs are Evolving

Electronic health records (EHRs) provide access to critical data essential in crafting a personalized, high-quality patient care experience.

Artificial intelligence in the form of voice assistants with ambient listening and natural language capabilities provides physicians with hands-free access to data to improve efficiency.

Doctors can quickly bring up necessary images and notes in the operating room without leaving the room or touching potential non-sterile devices.

  1. Intelligent Automation is Key

The healthcare industry must meet the demand for high-quality patient care while working under notoriously strained budgets.

We expect to see an influx of intelligent automation processes to help providers unlock the full potential of EHRs and other administrative and care processes.

Technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA) can improve the patient experience through streamlined workflows and providing more personalized care through better data access.

  1. Big Data Management is a Necessity

The healthcare industry manages some of the most voluminous — and sensitive — data on the planet.

As data privacy and cybersecurity concerns increase, more providers turn to technologies that help them manage — and protect — the vast amount of data they process daily.

By leveraging and controlling this data, organizations can expect to see lowered costs, more effective treatments, better patient care, and advanced security that protect patient information.

Blue Technologies Can Help Your Healthcare Organization Stay On-Trend

At Blue Technologies, our IT management team has their fingers on the pulse of new trends and new technologies to help our healthcare clients move to the next level of care, efficiency, and security.

Our Managed IT program can help your organization assess and repair current vulnerabilities, optimize your IT environment and infrastructure, and control and manage data for better security and efficiency.

We offer a suite of technology tools that can help you improve business processes and patient outcomes, such as:

  • Print and document management systems
  • Enterprise content management to handle big data concerns and compliance
  • Lower-cost telehealth options to bring safer care to patients

Our skilled experts will also provide assistance, troubleshooting, training, and maintenance far beyond the design and deployment stage of your new technology to reduce staff frustration and ensure your organization continues to run smoothly.

Ensure your healthcare organization can cope with any crisis. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and let our team of IT experts and our state-of-the-art technology assist you in providing faster, better patient care in the new year.

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