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The Positive Impact of Cloud Services for Marketing Firms

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 11, 2020 9:45:00 AM

The face of marketing is changing as businesses adjust to the “new normal” of a post-COVID economy. Brands are revising the way they are reaching out to consumers and new advances in technology are helping them to do this.

This change in operation has created the perfect storm of opportunity for marketing firms — as long as they have the ability and agility to take advantage of it.

Marketing firms, like other businesses, have had shortfalls and setbacks in relation to the ongoing pandemic, and they must uncover new solutions to help their staff stay connected and productive under evolving conditions like remote work.

New marketing trends like leveraging TikTok, influencers, live video, augmented reality (AR) and other tools to reach the new generation of consumers require significant investments in technology.

But perhaps the most critical need is an overarching tech strategy that helps connect these tools with the people who use them. That strategy is a cloud-based environment.

How Cloud Services Benefit Marketing Professionals

Investing in cloud services is a smart move for marketing firms. This comprehensive technology provides a host of benefits that are directly related to the way marketers operate.

Specifically, marketing firms are idea generators with a customer-first mindset. They develop creative strategies to help their clients get more from their own businesses.

To do this, marketers rely on artists, designers, and other creative team members to pool ideas, develop concepts, and present clients with campaigns that get results.

In today’s marketing world, operations have shifted from an office-based environment to a mixed workforce that is potentially geographically scattered. In this environment, marketing teams still need to communicate, work with creative software, and be able to touch on the latest marketing trends to be successful.

With a cloud environment, your marketing firm can tackle three of the biggest issues facing today’s marketing. Cloud-based resources can effectively:

1. Allow Collaboration

Cloud-based collaboration provides a practically limitless environment in which to keep teams connected, even if staff is scattered among in-house and remote locations.

With team collaboration tools, everything your team needs to join forces — even on complex projects — is kept in one central hub. Documents, projects, shared files, edits, and conversations are all easily accessible whenever and wherever they are needed.

2. Provide Work-from-Home Integration

After COVID, businesses are recovering and building a new economy based on a work-from-home workforce. With 42% of American employees working from home on a full-time basis, businesses are looking for new, better ways to keep productivity high.

Cloud computing gives remote workers access to the information they need, even if they aren’t in the office. All key applications can be accessed and managed in the cloud and documents are saved continuously for additional protection against loss, even if a home computer suddenly fails.

Finally, the cloud provides increased security for a workforce that is scattered, and additional redundancies to protect data in the event of theft or loss.

3. Implementing Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is becoming the norm in a post-COVID environment, and speed is of the essence to give digital customers what they want or need without creating a pushy vibe.

A cloud environment helps marketers handle large customer databases with ease, and gives companies an intuitive platform upon which to promote with exceptional flexibility, more efficiency, and fewer associated costs.

Let Blue Technologies Create a Cloud Environment to Serve Your Needs

Cloud-based technologies are important for businesses moving forward in a post-COVID environment. Whether you work in marketing, graphic design, or another communication-based industry, a cloud solution can help you grow your business faster.

Now more than ever, teams are working from various locations — at home, in the office, or on the go. A cloud computing solution provides connectivity that keep productivity high, no matter where your employees roam.

And cloud-based security solutions can help protect sensitive data as it moves among your staff for essential compliance and peace of mind.

Finally, storing large databases or a vast number of documents is simple and affordable using a storage system based in the cloud. Information is easily accessible, quick to transfer, but does not take up valuable real estate in storage.

Keeping information in a central off-site hub allows authorized personnel to access critical data around the clock to reduce business slowdowns and encourage productivity.

Choose a cloud-based solution to energize and simplify your business environment. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and learn how our team of IT experts can create a custom-design cloud solution for your team.

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