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The Paperless Law Firm: How to Control Paper Waste for Productivity and Sustainability

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 22, 2021 8:15:00 AM

Consumers are beginning to demand that the companies they work with support a more sustainable environment as the climate crisis continues to drive the corporate responsibility agenda forward.

But shifting consumer attitudes are not the only reason law firms should consider switching to a paperless environment.

While paperless billings and proposals can contribute to the lightening of the ecological burden on the land, they can also do something incredible for your business — reduce costs and waste and contribute to an increase in productivity.

As more industries see the wisdom in adopting a more environmentally friendly business model, the legal industry is beginning to take a closer look at the measurable benefits a paperless law firm can provide.

The Measurable Benefits of a Paperless Law Firm

Many companies have been moving toward a digital transformation — exchanging their archaic, paper-based processes for streamlined digital ones. However, some industries have been slower to adopt these time- and cost-saving measures — notably government and legal entities.

It is all changing with the Federal Government mandating that agencies transition to a paperless system be in place by the end of 2022. This entire electronic record-keeping environment will reduce the overall expense of record-keeping and further streamline processes.

Legal offices often work closely with government counterparts in the judicial system, so one of the most significant benefits is faster, clearer communication on outstanding legal matters where coordination with a government entity is required.

However, a paperless law firm can offer many more advantages, such as:

  1. Amplified Productivity and Better Client Care

When you must dig through mounds of poorly filed paper documents to uncover the one piece of information you need to proceed with your case, it can take a toll on how the client perceives your services.

Digitizing documents using a robust document management system can speed up information recovery to improve productivity and provide clients with fast, efficient resolutions to their legal issues.

  1. Stronger Security and Better Compliance

With all the sensitive data they handle, law firms are a prime target for hackers. More than a quarter of all law firms experienced a data breach last year.

What makes that more demanding is that law firms are held to many standards. Besides data privacy regulations that drive compliance, lawyers are bound to confidentiality rules set forth by the American Bar Association.

Removing the potential for human error as much as possible by reducing manual data entry tasks is one way to secure data.

Document and print management services can amplify these protections by streamlining the process, enhancing your security infrastructure through encryption and access controls, and monitoring suspicious activity.

  1. Reduce Costs and Increase Sustainability

Managing digital documents and controlling your print output combine for a targeted sustainability solution that will help your firm conserve resources, reduce paper usage, and waste, and lower the overall processing information costs.

Print management solutions can help reduce the overuse of costly ink, toner, and paper by printing in draft format, using both sides of paper sheets, and ensuring that a job is not printed until the individual who needs is at the device to receive it.

Blue Technologies Can Help Your Firm Transition to Digital

Paper has been the basis for the legal industry for so many years that transitioning to a paperless environment can seem daunting. This feeling is often amplified because most firms do not have the luxury of an in-house IT department to help them make the shift.

That is where the IT experts at Blue Technologies can help.

Our team has the skills and talent needed to expertly assess your current infrastructure, help you determine your needs and uncover challenges, and help you move to a digital environment using leading-edge technologies and tools for a seamless experience.

By deploying easy-to-implement software, applications, and other tools, your firm can experience an increase in productivity while reducing costs and waste for a more sustainable outlook. As a bonus, your firm’s — and your clients’ — data will be more securely protected for better compliance and peace of mind.

Begin your transition to a paperless future. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and learn how our team of experts can help your firm digitally transform for Sustainability — and success.

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