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Innovations in Wide Format Printing Can Increase Print Shop Efficiency

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 28, 2021 9:00:00 AM

In the past, wide format printers were print devices that could print on paper that ranged from two to fifteen feet in width. Today’s large-format printers can handle more than just glossy paper, however. Now, you can print in brilliant full color on a variety of media, including:

● Vinyl

● Textiles

● Adhesive vinyl

● Banner materials

● Window vinyl

● Canvas

● Backlit display film

This incredible variety of media types give print shop owners and in-house production centers capabilities that go far beyond the simple banner and plan to print.

Let’s take a closer look at trends and innovations in large-format to understand better how this exciting technology can serve you, your business, or your clients.

The Rewards of Wide Format Printing for Production Print Shops

Large-format printing is becoming more useful — and more lucrative. Many commercial print centers note that 20% to 60% of their overall revenues come from large-format production jobs — and they think this will only escalate.

Here are some ways a wide format can contribute to your revenue stream or help you save money and gain control over your projects by bringing previously outsourced print jobs in-house.

Bringing Printing Back Home

Some print houses found that they had to deal with poor cross-process color matching and other frustrations that eat up staff time — and profits when they outsourced their large-format jobs.

Bringing large-format capabilities in-house solves the problem inherent in fast-track projects that get stuck in the outsourcing queue, as well as giving your team control over color-matching, last-minute changes, and project completion dates.

Color management and color consistency are essential when producing branding materials, so ensuring this is done correctly in-house is a positive benefit.

Ink Innovations Expand Output Abilities

Today’s large-format print technology makes it possible to add print heads for more colors, even white and striking metallic inks.

And modern inks give printers more variety when it comes to output, as they can stand up to harsh weather, sunlight, and dirt and be compatible with many media types.

Ink selections include:

● Aqueous

● Eco-solvent

● Latex

● Aqueous with Laminate

● Hybrid UV (LED)

● UV

● Solvent

● Dye Sublimation

This array of inks allows for printing on many substrates for several applications, such as:

● Indoor and outdoor banners

● Lightboxes

● Apparel

● Flags

● Snowboards

● Floor graphics

● Packaging

● Outdoor signage

● Photography

● Indoor signage

● Wallpaper

● Vehicle wraps

● Three-dimensional objects

● Promotional materials

Of course, not all inks are compatible with all printers, so you will want to determine what your wide format printer will be used for and then choose a model that supports the right ink and media combination to meet your needs.

Innovations Make Wide Format Smart for Many Businesses

Innovations in ink processing, media type, and even finishing options make wide format printers appealing to several industries — from engineering and architectural firms to fashion design.

As specialty printing becomes more mainstream, more companies are choosing to reduce the cost of outsourcing and leverage new opportunities to bring large-format capabilities in house.

Specialty printing — particularly the ability to print on three-dimensional objects — has increased large-format devices’ utility to make them even more useful in a corporate application.

Blue Technologies Has a Variety of Wide Format Printer Choices

If you are looking for a large-format or wide-format print capacity, we have the right printer for you. At Blue Technologies, we have partnered with large-format technology leaders to bring you the most cutting-edge printing technology for your production print shop.

Our selection of printers has the technology you need, whether you own commercial printing business or want to bring your promotional and wide format print needs in-house to reduce excess costs and gain control.

Whether you wish to begin with an entry-level model that does not require special operating skills to get started with stunning full-color wide format output or need a digital press that provides crisp, precise black and white imaging that handles high output volume, one of our printers can deliver unmatched performance to meet your business needs and goals.

Discover the many ways a wide format printer can help your company thrive. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and learn about our wide selection of high-performance, large-format printer options.

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