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The Key to Establishing Digital Dominance in Engineering through Digital Transformation

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 20, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Currently the engineering and construction industries are poised on the brink of a digital transformation that can not only help improve project time, quality, and safety, but also lower overall costs throughout the project lifecycle while increasing efficiency and productivity. Currently many engineering companies are struggling with thin margins, unable to finance the cost of IT talent that will help launch the required digital technologies and optimized business models they need.

Bringing products — and projects — to market faster while maintaining quality are de rigueur for the competitive engineering company. The need to out-innovate competitors is causing savvy companies to look for new ways to optimize the engineering lifecycle through the use of more agile business strategies and processes. Companies that are not using digital tools to achieve this new status quo are rapidly falling behind their peers.

The answer for many small- and medium-sized engineering firms is to outsource the digital transformation to a trusted third-party partner.

Using Managed IT to Implement a Digital Transformation

While the pandemic has done its share of disruption across all industries, the engineering environment was already in flux by the time COVID made its way to the United States. Agile startups were shaking up the product development and project development life cycles using strong digital approaches to managing information. Engineering leaders are continuing to transition from manual to digital business processes to connect widespread teams with intuitive, easy-to-use digital tools, such as:

IoT and AI-based Analyses

To develop products, an engineer must understand how customers are using the products at hand so they can look for ways to innovate and improve the product life cycle. Using Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI), savvy engineering companies are analyzing data sets to help their engineers write better requirements and optimize processes better and faster.

Predictive analytics on everything from office printers to machinery on a manufacturing facility floor can drive deeper insight into performance as well as keep machines working longer, preventing costly downtime.

Better Data Security

In the current environment, hackers are always looking for new ways to gain inroads to sensitive data. Recently, one of Scotland’s largest engineering firms, Weir, was hit with a sophisticated ransomware attack that could cost them up to £5 million. Earlier in the year, a UK and Australia-based engineering company was relieved of project drawings, confidential agreements, contracts, and more by a team of hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities.

Hiring in-house IT talent that is cognizant of evolving cyber security issues is difficult, which is why companies considering digital transformation typically contract with a trusted third-party service provider. A Managed IT firm specializes in providing strong, up-to-date cyber security protocols on all hardware and software for better, more thorough protection.

Ultimately, the key to a strong digital transformation is not just technology or tools — it is about working with the right team that has deep knowledge of these tools and strategies and can guide your firm through the process. A managed services provider (MSP) can not only help integrate critical digital technologies into your business processes and current infrastructure, but they can also help standardize methodologies across processes and projects to unlock lower costs and increased efficiency. Moreover, MSPs can keep you ahead of the digital surge, ensuring that your company gets the highest return on your technological investments for better bottom-line health.

Blue Technologies — The Digital Transformation Specialists

A digital transformation isn’t just about software or even hardware. It is about a comprehensive strategy that encompasses all aspects of the engineering business from hiring of staff through project lifecycles and beyond.

At Blue Technologies, we offer a full suite of leading-edge digital products and services — and we back them with experts that have deep, industry-based knowledge. Our team can help you assess your current weaknesses against your business goals and build a robust, optimized digital strategy that will help you move out in front of the competition. And we will be there with you every step of the way, with first-rate service and guidance to ensure your transformation goes smoothly.

Get the key to your digital success. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today to explore how our Managed IT solutions can help your firm outpace your competition — fast!

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