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The Importance of Communications Systems in Marketing

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Apr 5, 2021 8:15:00 AM

With businesses still reeling from the disruptive changes caused by a post-pandemic economy, many are looking to boost their profile and gain a competitive advantage through new marketing techniques.

Trends for the upcoming year show that 60% of businesses will focus on virtual events and experiential elements to bolster marketing efforts and marketing, sales, and customer experience will become one function. A blending of digital and physical commerce will continue, reflecting consumer demands for contactless methods of fulfillment and shopping.

Inside the marketing team, communications will be key as well. Companies are beginning to recognize the value of employee communications, holding them as valuable as sales and marketing outreach.

For the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) or the enterprise-level organization alike, the order of the day will be to develop and fine-tune a communications system that will meet requirements for both internal and external marketing efforts.

Amplify Your Profitability with Communications Systems for Marketing

Marketing begins on the inside of the company, with effective collaboration and communication as a basis for the development of successful campaigns. With large group meetings and gatherings such as conferences off the table for the time being, companies must uncover new ways to engage employees and bring them together — perhaps from geographically varied locations.

Internal collaboration must dovetail neatly with communications systems for marketing externally — providing not only on-demand communications with customers for a better, more satisfying customer experience.

Fortunately, two widely-available and cost-effective technologies can help every company — small or large — refine their communications systems for marketing success: Videoconferencing and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems.

While they may seem simple and unassuming, these two tools can help your company:

Encourage Cross-Functional Collaboration Among Remote Teams

The ongoing pandemic caused a massive shift to remote work in the past year, and yet 53% of larger organizations are clinging to outdated business processes that don’t allow teams to share data and resources easily.

Marketing experts note that all-remote marketing teams are the new normal — and good communication is essential for success. With conferences and other face-to-face meetings fading away, video conferencing has come to the fore as an important tool for real-time collaboration.

Specialty tools such as interactive whiteboards can amplify the online conference, allowing participants to share — and modify — ideas on the fly. Rather than sharing links in an email, attendees can open them up on their device and screen share to the group, reducing effort and the possibility of miscommunication at the same time.

Assist in Bringing Multimedia Marketing Channels to Life

Multimedia channels and other tools that increase positive customer experiences will be the order of the day in the coming year, especially as more consumers opt for a contactless experience. In fact, multimedia spending will bring marketers a better ROI than conventional outreach vehicles like press releases, causing more companies to take an omnichannel approach to marketing.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems help marketers bring cost-effective multimedia-based communications solutions for their teams — and customers — within reach. The key advantage of VoIP, besides significant cost savings, is the ability to grow a strong, flexible communication system that can help you improve your marketing outreach internally and externally.

Just one system can encompass phone calls, emails, SMS messaging, and video conferencing solutions. And new technology in VoIP allows its use with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide better customer assistance and gain insight into customer behavior.

Blue Technologies: Communication You Can Count On

No matter what you wish to communicate — or how — our team of communications experts has the right technology to accomplish your marketing goals in a cost-effective and efficient way.

At Blue Technologies, we’ve curated the latest technologies to bring you the widest range of products and services. Using our deep knowledge of the industry, we can create a customized communication system that will help your company make an impact.

We’ve partnered with industry leading equipment and software creators to bring you everything from state-of-the-art VoIP to bespoke video conferencing setups.

Increase the impact of your marketing and communications. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and discover the power of communications systems tailored for your marketing needs.

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