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The Benefits of Interactive Education Tools

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 4, 2023 8:30:00 AM

As K-12 education organizations have moved through the recent pandemic, they have introduced a radical — and effective — new way of bringing value-added learning to their students. Now, students can get access to high quality education, even if they are not physically present in the classroom, thanks to the innovative technologies that help make interactive education a reality.

Interactive learning is taking the education sector by storm, providing a hands-on, real-time experience that is active, rather than passive. Students are more likely to engage when learning is experiential rather than passive. And who hasn’t struggled to pay attention when simply listening to teacher recite information for rote memorization or been forced to copy figures and formulae from a chalkboard. Such passive learning, while it has its place, does not strike a note with every student and it certainly does not immerse children wholly in the learning experience. 

And, harnessing the power of interactive learning is simple and cost effective, with just a few innovative tools and technologies. This article explores the expansive benefits of this type of learning and how you can bring it home to your education organization. 

How Interactive Education Tools Can Benefit Your Students

Conventional classroom education works, but it lacks the engagement and immersion of interactive learning, whether students are present in the classroom physically or accessing their classes from a remote location. Tools such as interactive whiteboards and audio-visual technologies can help transform your classroom into a learning environment that directly assists students through active learning. Other benefits include:

Flexibility and Safety

With online learning, students can access their materials and interact, even if they have a different schedule or must socially distance. Students who are home sick, for instance, can still attend their classes and interact with classmates without the danger of passing an illness on to other students. 

Customizable Learning

With tools such as interactive whiteboards, teachers can use a variety of materials — from photos and videos to eBooks and online sites — to demonstrate material and improve lesson quality. Using mixed media also provides more dynamic lessons that engage students on varying levels for an enriching learning experience. 

Value Added Learning

Through the use of interactive whiteboards, students can take a field trip to a far-off country or interactive with students in other cities, states, or nations. Lessons are more effective when they are founded in practical demonstrations, and these interactive education tools are designed to bring the world to your students’ fingertips. This feature is particularly useful at times when travel or interpersonal contact is not recommended, either due to budgetary constraints or because of health and safety considerations.

Best of Both Worlds

While interactive whiteboards and similar tools can open up a fascinating new world of learning, having them in the classroom does not mean you have to leave traditional tools behind. By combining traditional teaching methods with technology, educators can add more impact to their standard lessons without radically changing how they teach. For example, subjects such as math and science which require formulae to be written and demonstrated can still be taught traditionally. Only now when the teacher writes on an interactive whiteboard, his or her demonstration is projected, allowing everyone in the room to see clearly, even if they are seated in the back. 

Look to Blue Technologies for Custom-Tailored Document Management Solutions

Educators and administrators have a lot on their collective plates as they steer their schools through the disruptions of the pandemic and into a whole new era. Virtual and interactive learning is becoming commonplace, and that is a good thing. Both of these technologies contribute to a vastly superior learning environment that helps students excel. 

At Blue Technologies, we offer a range of interactive education and communication tools that can help you help your students learn more effectively. Our team of experts can assess your school’s needs and challenges and custom design a system that will not only help you achieve your goals, but also meet your budgetary guidelines. 

There is no reason not to bring high-powered, engaging, interactive tools to your teachers and students. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and explore how our interactive whiteboards and communication tools can help your school amplify learning through engagement.

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