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The Basics of Video Conferencing for Legal Teams

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 13, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Effective communication is at the heart of the success of any legal team. But in our post-pandemic world, more lawyers than ever are choosing to remain in remote work environments, making it more difficult to collaborate effectively. And the remote work trend for lawyers is not receding — in fact, even more firms are adopting a remote or hybrid work policy to attract the best legal talent. That means that savvy law firms must find technologies that will assist their teams — remote or in-house — in collaborating effectively with both colleagues and clients alike.

One of those technologies is video conferencing. But providing video conferencing for legal teams is not as simple as pressing the button on a Zoom meeting, which can pose serious risks in data privacy, security, and confidentiality. This article will take a closer look at the best video conferencing choices for law firms and the consideration surrounding their adoption.

Special Considerations When Using Video Conferencing for Your Law Firm

Law firms must pay special attention to data security and client confidentiality when conducting business over a video conferencing portal. Typical free online portals such as Zoom and Skype have inherent weaknesses and vulnerabilities that make them a poor choice for law offices.


You must first review your chosen platform’s security standard to ensure they provide the highest level of data protection. Specifically, you should look for platforms that offer end to end encryption, a technology that can ensure that third parties cannot gain access to your conversations and potentially expose sensitive client information. Only fully encrypted video conferencing solutions should be considered.


Many video conferencing solutions allow users to share on-screen or text-based messages with one another. Interactions like this can allow colleagues and clients to ask questions or make comments on the side in a meeting where there are more than two attendees. However, you should make sure all meeting participants fully understand that messages like these are considered public commentary, so no confidential material should be shared in this manner.

Choosing Your Video Conferencing Platform

Before you go through the expense of creating an in-house video conferencing system, consider the following:

  • Will you need a way to securely transfer files?
  • Will this platform be able to integrate with other business applications?
  • Will you be meeting with clients or hosting web conferences, or both?
  • Is this an internal-only system for inter-office communication and collaboration?

After you answer these questions, consider whether you will run your system on existing landlines or opt for a cost-effective, easy-to-use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system. If your business does not have an in-house IT department or if your in-house IT team is already overburdened, you may consider outsourcing your video conferencing needs to a competent third party. 

When choosing a third-party to help you create and deploy a robust video conferencing solution, pay attention to which products they offer:

  • Do they offer comprehensive communications solutions?
  • Can they create a custom-tailored video conferencing solution?
  • Have they provided telecourt or other similar solutions to other entities?
  • Can they provide ongoing management and troubleshooting for your system?

These questions will help you determine that your prospective partner has the right technology, tools, and knowledge to provide you with the right level of service — and security — to create a robust communications platform that will meet your needs and goals.

Trust Blue Technologies for Leading-Edge Video Conferencing

At Blue Technologies, we partner with leaders in the field of security and communications to bring you the highest quality, most secure video conferencing solutions available. Importantly, our team’s objective is to custom-tailor your solution to target the needs of your firm — whether those be interoffice, web conferencing, client-oriented, collaborative, or any combination of those.

We will analyze your current infrastructure and make suggestions for creating a system in the most cost-effective way, while still maintaining the highest level of data security and integrity possible. 

Get connected with clients and colleagues securely. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and explore our cutting-edge video conferencing options today.

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