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The Advantages of Managed Print Services in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on May 27, 2019 10:00:00 AM

The pharmaceutical industry produces a lot of paperwork - the sheer volume of printing output in this specialized industry is overwhelming. What can be done to manage it?

Pharmaceutical firms of all sizes from large to small can benefit greatly from the utilization of managed print services. Here’s what pharmaceutical executives should know about these essential services and how they can help.

How Managed Print Services Can Help Pharmaceutical Printing Be More Effective

Pharmacies have highly specialized printing needs that are best served by third-party managed services. These services can optimize pharmacy print environments in a way that will allow them to focus on customers while enjoying greater efficiency at a remarkably low cost.

For examples of these unique printing needs, consider the tags on prescription bottles and the medication guides that help navigate different drug interactions. These are extremely important for patients to have and know.

Tremendous Cost Savings

Managed print services like those offered by Blue Technologies save pharmacies substantial amounts of money by reducing costs, especially the cost of ink, paper, and toner. By recommending remanufactured toner cartridges as opposed to brand new in, the savings quickly add up.

Keep in mind that there is nothing inherently wrong with remanufactured toner cartridges which are essentially recycled ink cartridges. The printing quality is assured by the standards these cartridges are held to as per regulations.

Not only does using remanufacture ink cartridges save money, it is a green alternative that helps preserve the environment. Clever decision makers in the pharmaceutical industry will take advantage of this as customers are increasingly becoming concerned about the environment and pharmacies can use going green as a selling point to attract patrons.

Superior Security Features

Another advantage of managed print services is found in superior security features such as active monitoring and device firewalls that keep printers safe from tampering. Pharmacies are trusted custodians of vast amounts of people’s personal, medical, and financial information, and their printers are prime targets for hackers.

Blue Technologies can batten down the hatches and keep pharmacy printing equipment safe with their innovative managed services.

Waste Reduction

Pharmaceutical outfits that utilize managed print services enjoy a significant reduction in waste outputs, making them greener, cleaner, and more competitive. A managed print service can often assist clients in procuring ink and toner at a greatly reduced cost, sometimes by ordering remanufactured toner cartridges.

Like we discussed before, not only does ordering remanufactured toner cartridges help preserve the environment, it also reduces costs as buying brand new ink adds up rather quickly.

Improved Customer Experiences

Managed print services help folks in the pharmaceutical industry focus on customer interactions. By freeing key staff members from the tedious routine and mundane printing related tasks, they are free to concentrate on serving customers which results in improved customer experiences.

In larger cities, this can be an especially important advantage as customers have a vast array of options available to them. People don’t go to the pharmacy because they feel like it; they go because they need medication and offering them the best experience possible is the single most effective way to keep them coming back.

Enhanced Productivity Through Reliability

Lexmark printing equipment is well known for optimizing efficiency and delivering superior quality in their machines. Pharmacies should take advantage of this quality and get outfitted with Lexmark printers through Blue Technologies.

Printing equipment made by Lexmark helps improve quality, reliability, and makes it possible for pharmacists and staff to focus on customers. These are valuable advantages that can make a pharmacy stand out from the rest and will help retain long term customers.

Blue Technologies Is the Right Choice for Pharmaceutical Printing

Blue Technologies is here to help give those working in the pharmaceutical industry the tools they need to maintain optimized print environments. Not only does optimizing pharmaceutical printing environments improve printing operations, but it also makes a visible and discernible difference in enhancing the overall efficiency of the pharmacy as a staff is freed up to focus on customers.

The advantages of this cannot be overstated. While customers need their medications, in most areas, they have plenty of options for where to procure them making it necessary for pharmacies to concentrate on providing as pleasant an experience as possible for every customer who walks through their door.

Get a hold of Blue Technologies right away and ask how their managed print services can help make pharmacies more efficient.

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