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The 3 Benefits of Wide-Format Printers

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 27, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Every company needs printers, but most have relatively similar requirements for theirs. They have to print in black, white, and color and print an 8.5 x 11-inch document.

There may be some other bells and whistles required, but that’s about it.

Other companies require something much different. They need wide-format printers that can produce posters, banners, blueprints, and other materials that may be several feet long.

Is your company one of those that should have its own wide-format printer?

The Top 3 Benefits of Wide-Format Printers

If you’re in the business of making signs and displays for other companies, you’ll need several wide-format printers to meet your customers’ demands.

However, these aren’t the only businesses that often find they’re able to do a better job of meeting their clients’ demands if they invest in these machines. Here are three other reasons many companies have decided to add wide-format printers to their collection of equipment.

1. Meet Aggressive Timelines

Companies that don’t have their own wide-format printers are at the mercy of those businesses they outsource to when they need this kind of specialty job done.

They may have every other aspect of a project finished but can’t deliver it to their client because they’re waiting on the large-format print they need. This can lead to deadlines being pushed back easily a day or two or even a week.

Many companies try to avoid this issue by simply working with numerous businesses that own large-format printers. The idea is that there will always be at least one that can meet their client’s deadline.

Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to forecast the budget for new projects accurately. It also means they do less business with each of their outsourced print suppliers. As a result, each of these companies has to be reminded of their specific preferences with every job.

When an organization owns a wide-format printer, they don’t have to wait on anyone to move forward with their projects or to worry about unexpected budgetary requirements. This is a benefit that every type of business can enjoy, but especially marketing agencies, event-planning companies, and any others that regularly need large prints made for their projects.

2. Keep Upcoming Promotional Material Safe

Marketing companies often need large-scale prints done, which is why they so often own several large-format printers.

Aside from the fact that doing so allows them to meet their clients’ deadlines, owning these machines also keep their work under lock-and-key.

Of course, most of their wide-format printing jobs probably don’t contain confidential information like the kinds lawyers and doctors are accustomed to printing out.

Still, marketing companies often use these printers for their clients’ promotional materials. They can’t afford any of that content to be released prematurely, or their clients may scrap the entire campaign.

3. Print Large Images with Plenty of Detail

Large-format printers can make massive images.

However, just as important, they can include an incredible degree of detail in these images, too.

That’s made them a popular investment with companies that often display at tradeshows. Such companies must grab attention from far away but need their marketing materials to look just as good when visitors show up at their booths.

Another industry that relies on these printers is construction, especially architects. Whether for a three-bedroom home or a massive skyscraper, their schematics must cover every detail of the building’s architecture.

Of course, architects often need to take their blueprints, make revisions, and then present them to their clients again. Having to return to a third-party printer for help with this repetitively would be nearly impossible.

Add Wide-Format Printers to Your Company’s Arsenal of Equipment

Those are just three of the most common reasons some industries invest in large-format printers.

They’re far from the only ones, though. Many companies have requirements unique from their competitors best met by owning this type of equipment. For example, some schools and universities find that regularly printing large posters help them promote upcoming events. Entertainment venues often grab attention the same way.

Whatever the case, if your business would do better with the help of wide-format printers, Blue Technologies is here to help.

Since 1995, we’ve served companies by helping them better understand what kind of equipment their offices need and what models would suit them best.

Coupled with our managed print services, our expertise will ensure you choose the best possible wide-format printer for your unique business and save money using it. Contact us today and let’s discuss how large-format printers could best serve your company.

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