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Tackle High Costs with Managed Print Services for Sports Complexes

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 26, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Sports complexes and centers bring communities together, keep populations healthy, and provide a space for people to remain active. However, maintaining facilities and finding competitive advantage strategies can prove problematic for any sized operation. The number of people moving through the facility requires innovative solutions to maintain public safety while delivering services according to the standards visitors expect.

One of the primary ways in which a sports complex can reduce operational overheads is by moving to a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider. Runaway printing activities can become costly for Ohio sports complexes. With an MPS solution, the company can regain control and reduce wasteful practices.

Reduce Runaway Printing Costs with Managed Print Services

It’s common for sports complexes to occupy large geographical areas. Operating different activities and administrating sports events from the distributed offices can prove challenging. Sports complexes also need to secure indemnities from participants, making them a paper-heavy business. If the company relies on outdated printers, copiers, and Multifunction Devices (MFDs), the costs can quickly increase, and regaining control may prove difficult. An MPS solution can help organizations reign-in runaway printing costs and reduce the amount of waste older equipment and practices generate.

Regaining Control over the Printing Fleet

By adopting a Managed Print Services model, sports complexes can control their entire printing operations with a single supplier and centralized device control. The MPS provider will ensure all printers fall under a single management solution, tracking the volumes and consumption between departments and users. Most companies fail to monitor their printing costs adequately, with 64% of organizations saying they cannot track expenses accurately.

Runaway printing practices can quickly add up, costing the organization a more substantial portion of their profits. An effective MPS solution will reduce both the number of prints and recommend more energy and material-efficient devices depending on the specific requirements. Modern devices use less power and ink, further driving down the cost of printing operations.

Improved Device Reliability and Restocking

A faulty device or running out of ink can bring operations to a crashing halt. If the company makes use of an MPS solution, they will benefit from reliable devices and receive supplies before they run out. MPS companies monitor the duty-cycles of each device and track the consumables they need in real-time. If a printer requires maintenance or service, the MPS provider will schedule the necessary tasks well in advance. Similarly, MPS companies will ensure they ship supplies before the sports complex runs out during a critical time.

Increased Information Security

Sports complexes and facilities process personal information from a variety of sources. If the facility hosts a sports team, it’ll also retain the medical information of the players. In today’s world, securing all personal information is a paramount concern for all organizations. With enhanced printer security, the company can ensure they handle all private information safely and securely.

Hackers and bad actors now regularly target networked printers and copiers to inject malicious code into the system. They use this exploit to gain more access to the network, which can lead to devastating effects on the company. Newer printers and MFDs come with enhanced security features that protect against data breaches and network exploits.

Consistent Budgets and Reduced Stress on Staff

Managed Print Services providers will conduct an extensive assessment of the organization’s printing and document requirements before making any recommendations. Based on the company’s exact specifications, they’ll provide a single monthly price for the entire sports complex’s printing needs. The cost will include all items relating to printing operations, including hardware, toner and ink, maintenance, and servicing, and may consist of paper supplies. With a single monthly price for all the company’s printing services, they reduce the risk of large, unforeseen expenditures when they need to replace faulty equipment.

Another benefit of making a vendor responsible for all printing operations is that the organization’s staff are free to focus on core duties. As the MPS solution will ensure the operational integrity of the print fleet—staff no longer has to troubleshoot issues and work with unreliable equipment. This allows employees to be more productive and streamline business processes for greater efficiency.

Blue Technologies as Your Managed Print Services Provider for Sports Complexes

Blue Technologies work with companies in Ohio to streamline printing operations and regain total control over their entire fleet of devices. Since 1995, Blue Technologies have helped organizations leverage technology to gain a competitive edge and reduce costly, manual processes. With a dedicated team of print professionals and expert technical resources, Blue Technologies can help Ohio sports complexes with achieving cost reductions and acquire the latest, cost-efficient technologies. Reducing the amount of wasteful printing and using more eco-friendly devices will help sports facilities achieve greater revenue and operate reliably throughout the different seasons.

For a comprehensive assessment of your Ohio sports complex’s printing needs, get in touch with Blue Technologies today.

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