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Smart Video Conferencing with Lifesize

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jul 9, 2020 8:15:00 AM

The trend toward videoconferencing has been growing over the past few years as more organizations are seeing it as the optimal way to connect with employees, remote workers, and customers.

Recent expansion of global markets has sparked growth in video conferencing in the past, but the most current boost has come from the global COVID-19 pandemic. A ban on travel and social distancing has forced businesses to find new ways to facilitate collaboration, interaction between staff and clients, and connection with remote workers.

While the work-from-home trend is holding steady, businesses are finding ways to leverage the collaborative power of video conferencing.

However, finding HIPAA-compliant solutions for video conferencing in healthcare or hitting industry-specific targets, such as providing video conferencing software for education, have previously been complex and frustrating.

Enter Lifesize.

Lifesize is a video conferencing solution that provides the optimal mix of simple-to-use applications and smart video conferencing tools to offer an easy to deploy system that can be tailored to your business needs and collaborative goals.

What You Need to Know About Lifesize Video Conferencing

The competitive modern workplace relies upon effortless communication, whether it’s connecting remote workers to an office hub; helping an online classroom provide high-quality, immersive educational experience; or assisting doctors in collaborating to improve patient care using HIPAA- compliant video conferencing for healthcare.

Fortunately, Lifesize’s seamless integration and cloud-based conferencing solutions provide high-quality, 4K video and exceptional audio streaming to your place of business, no matter how large — or small — your space.

With plug-and-play features that dovetail with popular workplace tools such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Outlook, Slack, and others, your team will have everything they need for productive meetings, seminars, and collaboration — right at their fingertips.

For security-conscious businesses, Lifesize provides third-party, independent security and privacy certifications and state-of-the-art data centers to protect your communications and help you meet data privacy regulations.

Lifesize’s wide range of components include important features such as:

  • Complete end-to-end solution for ease of use
  • 4K video and content sharing
  • Works perfectly across all devices
  • Integrated for rooms of all sizes
  • Direct media transmission between clients
  • Video system monitoring with real-time alerts
  • Supports meetings with up to 300 live participants
  • Live streaming supports up to 10,000 viewers per event
  • Group chat in meeting rooms

There is also cloud recording and sharing to keep teams cohesive and a variety of other integrations to keep communication flowing.

In fact, Lifesize provides more flexibility and features than any of the leading competitors, including Zoom, Bluejeans, GoToMeeting, StarLeaf, and Cisco Webex.

Using innovative next-gen cloud architecture and meeting room technologies, Lifesize has effectively empowered organizations from all industries — from banking and finance, to government agencies, to manufacturing and beyond — to break through geographic barriers and push their businesses to excel through collaborative efforts.

That means whether your teams are spread out across the city, across the nation, or around the globe, Lifesize’s global presence can help you access the power of web conferencing to bring them together.

Not only does this allow you to access expertise for accelerated decision-making, but it reduces travel expenses and other incidentals to help your business save money while increasing the kind of productivity and creativity that drive revenue.

Let Blue Technologies Help You Enhance Collaboration with Lifesize

At Blue Technologies, we understand the need for today’s businesses to be connected. Whether you’re running a classroom, caring for patients, designing the next electric car, or launching a new product, you rely on your core team’s ability to get things done through clear, concise communication.

With COVID-19 placing an even greater emphasis on remote and work-from-home staffing situations, video conferencing has become more important than ever.

Our partnership with Lifesize brings you the highest quality video conferencing experience without sacrificing data security or breaking your budget. With a system that can be tailored to meet the needs of a sole proprietor — or a Fortune 500 corporation — Lifesize is the right solution for today’s success-minded workplace.

With so many people working from home, it’s more important than ever to keep your communication and learning workflow up to speed. Contact Blue Technologies today to learn how Lifesize video conferencing can help your organization.

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