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Secure Printing Solutions for Ohio Utility Companies

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 18, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Utility companies rely on millions of different documents to maintain their infrastructure, resolve operational issues, and secure continuous supply to their customers. Apart from the burdensome regulatory requirements the industry faces, they also regularly process personally identifiable information from their clients.

While companies already utilize the latest technologies to manage and maintain their data, it is now imperative to secure every aspect of their technology landscapes, especially the printers and copiers distributed throughout the organization. To remain on the safe side of compliance requirements, companies need to demonstrate adequate security is in place wherever employees have access to their essential information.

Existential Threats for Information Security in Utility Companies

The latest trends in modern cyberattacks can be devastating for government agencies and private utility companies. Cybercriminals now target these entities with sophisticated attacks that bring down the entire information management system. With the rise in popularity of ransomware attacks, utilities face an existential threat to their operations if they do not secure every node of their networks. Bad actors now target all hardware, including the printers and copiers, to inject malicious software into the system. Once they gain access, they encrypt the information and request a ransom before providing the decryption key to the organization.

Secure Printing Solutions for Ohio Utilities and Government Agencies

Printing solutions have improved drastically over the last decade. These devices now come with enhanced features and a variety of software solutions to improve efficiencies. However, that’s precisely what makes these devices vulnerable to attack. Cybercriminals can deploy malicious software onto a printer either physically, or if they are available online, even using remote access. If the company added the individual devices that make up the fleet of printers and copiers on an ad-hoc basis, it might lead to gaps in the security system. To reduce the risk of granting unauthorized access to bad actors, utility companies need to assess their current fleet and replace any device that could put them at risk.

HP Secure Printing Systems

Hewlett-Packard leads the way in modern printer security solutions. They provide energy-efficient devices with embedded and optional security features. The HP JetAdvantage Security Manager helps organizations establish policies over a fleet of printers, and provides a centralized management console for fast and effective remediation of any security issues. To set up a system that complies with industry standards, HP provides templates that utilities can adapt according to their processes and practices.

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager also provides for automated remediation. The utility can schedule self-assessment on every device, and if it detects any changes to the operating software, the printer can reboot or alert network security personnel about the problem. The solution will also encrypt all information flow to the printers, ensuring bad actors can’t intercept any information. Using dedicated ID and CA certificates, the system will ensure every transmission remains secure, and with pull-to-print features, only release documents to authorized persons from the device panel.

Konica Minolta Bizhub Range of Secure Printers

The Konica Minolta Bizhub range of enterprise printers comes with Bizhub SECURE. The solution helps organizations protect all sensitive information with advanced encryption during both transmission and onboard storage. Konica Minolta’s Bizhub SECURE is available for the entire range of Bizhub models and delivers peace of mind for every networked device. Companies can schedule automatic deletion of prints that users haven’t collected from the Multifunction Printers (MFPs). They can also create uniform policies integrated with their Active Directory (AD), helping reduce the cost of compliance with information security regulations.

Bizhub SECURE provides pull-to-print features, where employees need to enter a unique pin or swipe an access card before releasing the print job to the spool. With Bizhub SECURE, utility companies can protect both information transmission over the network, as well as secure sensitive information contained in hardcopies from uncontrolled disclosure.

Securing Ohio Utility Companies Print Fleet with Blue Technologies

For secure printing solutions at Ohio utility companies, Blue Technologies provides the latest devices with enhanced protection and encryption. Utilities will need to ensure they encrypt information during transmission, and regularly scan devices for any changes in the firmware or operating systems to secure the entire fleet of printers and copiers, including MFPs. Blue Technologies have helped organizations secure their printing fleets since 1995, delivering expert services in both network and device safety.

With the latest threats posing an existential risk to both private and public companies, failing to take adequate measures can lead to an operational catastrophe. By partnering with Blue Technologies, Ohio utilities can rest assured that every device remains secured and detect any malicious attack early. Blue Technologies can also reduce operational costs by providing end-to-end solutions with Managed Print Services, enabling both technology upgrades and access to the latest network security expertise.

To prevent any uncontrolled disclosure of sensitive information or data breaches at your Ohio utility company, ask Blue Technologies to assess your fleet today.

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