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Secure Healthcare Solutions from HP

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 24, 2019 8:00:00 AM

The healthcare profession is subject to stringent controls and many regulations that apply to every part of a patient’s care. The information processing procedures, medical devices, and ICT systems all have additional manufacturing and regulatory constraints that ensure human safety.

As healthcare facilities know that every surface has the potential for contamination and spreading infections, the treatment or care wards are strictly separate from administration offices. This often creates a gap between the information management systems and patient examination rooms.

Devices used inside any ward primarily serve to improve decision support capabilities. They can also help with medication management, order entries, and clinical documentation. Different clinical staff uses different types of devices. Stationary, mobile, or carted PCs make up most of the ward-friendly technologies that have been widely adopted so far.

HP Advances the Clinical Ward’s Efficiency with New Technology

HP has become one of the recognized leaders in manufacturing and developing secure technologies for business productivity. From data encryption and firmware vaults to business productivity tools that improve every office, HP has a product that serves every niche.

The healthcare professions are no different. Knowing the importance of sanitation in relation to patient care, they developed a range of disinfection-friendly and easy cleaning PCs, Monitors, and Devices. This means clinicians can sterilize devices before exposing vulnerable patients to them. Due to the high amount of regulations involved in clinical ICT, finding the right balance between cost and confident sanitized control has been historically difficult for administrators.

With HP’s comprehensive range of healthcare orientated products, administrators can reduce the facility’s paper footprint and enhance patient information security. They can also improve patient care with integrated software that brings real-time test results into the hospital room.

HP provides products that are safer, smarter, and secured for healthcare.

Compliant Solutions from HP

For devices to be safe for use on medical wards, they require EMI certification that complies primarily with IEC 60601-1-2. The standards ensure devices do not emit disruptive radio frequencies while also being immune against interference themselves. In a medical environment with so many high-frequency medical technologies, this is a priority.

Print Security for Healthcare

Additionally, any MFDs or print stations need to comply with HIPAA requirements. The security regarding patient information is a critical risk. Data loss can open institutions up to litigation and prosecution. Using encryption and self-monitoring software enables HP print stations to detect virus injections and either shut down or reload their HP certified firmware.

Point-of-Care Devices

To improve patient care, HP designed their healthcare range with reduced acoustic output and more efficient heat removal. Additional software solutions improve access to information at the point-of-care, increasing clinicians’ productivity and allowing them to capture information into the system at the same time.

During manufacturing, each HP Healthcare Product receives rigorous testing before being ISV certified. This ensures that devices won’t fail or disrupt any medical operations. Devices come with approved and recommended cleaning agents, ensuring they remain safe for continued use and exposure.

HP Improves the Patient Care Workflow

With better workflow designs, medical facilities improve information flow and data accuracy. Coupled with clinically approved and secure MFDs, facilities reduce the printing footprint while moving many of the administration tasks to the patient’s point-of-care.

For additional software that drives operational efficiency, HP provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions that ensure data is secured, available, and correctly filed. Additional packages include Extream, a patient communication tool that influences patient and member behaviors. Extream allows communicating personalized health and wellness messages to patients via text, email, or web platforms.

With devices fit for the nurse’s station, in-care rooms, and doctor examination rooms, healthcare professionals will never be far away from the information that enables them to make decisions confidently.

By also securing that information, medical facilities can improve their patient care workflows and gain extra compliance related efficiencies.

Blue Technologies and HP as a Healthcare Solution Partner

Healthcare compliant ICT and print solutions can reduce the costs associated with patient care while preventing waste and speeding up information cycles. With notebooks, displays, MFDs, and workstations specifically developed for the medical ward, HP takes another step closer to being the preferred technology provider for specialized industries.

Blue Technologies partners with HP to provide the solutions that medical professionals need. They develop a system that suits every healthcare facility’s unique needs, delivering expert service, and dedicated support. The healthcare industry is being transformed by modern technology that drives engagement, feedback, and quality of care.

Reducing the patient’s risk while under your care requires the best technologies available. With improvements in telemedicine and real-time consultation, every medical facility can improve productivity. Contact Blue Technologies today to find out more about HP’s complete healthcare solution and enhance your facility’s ICT infrastructure.

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