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Secure and Reliable Managed IT Solutions for Ohio Law Firms

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 24, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Legal Services provide expert consultation and representation to different parties in legal disputes, before government agencies, and in court. As advisors, lawyers working withing law firms communicate with a large number of clients, colleagues, judges, and other legal professions that are involved in cases.

However, lawyers also utilize the IT department for tasks such as conducting research, analyzing cases, writing up legal documents, and filing paperwork. Like many other service establishments, law firms rely on office workflow management and printing equipment to finalize their office processes. In this article, we’ll discuss various ways law firms fall behind in productivity and go over reasons why a managed IT services team can help move things along.

IT Management Challenges for Top Law Firms

The legal environment deals with hundreds of documents each day while balancing other tasks such as billing or writing drafts for legal paperwork. In improperly managed IT departments, the inventory for printing supplies can run out, and all processes get delayed. If law firms carefully manage their IT infrastructure, they can reverse time and resource loss.

Here are several reasons why managed IT services help legal establishment increase productivity:

Astronomical Documenting Cycles: Usually, legal documentation consists of many separate pages, which take a considerable amount of time to process through printing equipment. Managed IT specialists to work with high-speed printing equipment to process documents faster.

Filing Paperwork: Legal firms spend most of the time recording or filing documents. By using IT exclusive multifunction technology, lawyers can quickly organize, retrieve, and store electronic documents.

Billing Tasks: Lawyers spend about 2.5 hours per day filing billing tasks, which doesn’t leave much time for lawyers to handle other work in the department. If legal firms want to speed up documentation tasks, they need to utilize managed IT services.

To keep paperwork flowing through an office, many law firms rely upon the technological quality of printing and file storage equipment. If lawyers want to meet client expectations on time, they must arrange a managed IT system.

6 Ways Managed IT Services Benefit Law Firms

How does a managed IT service help law firms reduce the time it takes to file documents? Here are six ways that managed IT services help lawyers streamline their productivity and workflow.

1. Recyclable Waste Reduction

A considerable number of papers are shredded each day at law firms, and much of the material goes to waste. Managed IT services restock printing supplies with cost-effective material, so law firms save more money on the disposal of waste products.

2. Printer Optimization

Large scale document collections require printer hardware that handles the overload and prints within the desired format. IT professionals help manage the process of completing prints by setting up printer formats and selecting the best printer for each task. The print production management process makes a considerable difference in saving paper and speeding up print time.

3. Maintain Print Inventory

Printers inside a legal department require a constant supply of paper and printer ink to keep the daily productivity in check. IT management checks and resupplies print production material before it runs out entirely. Otherwise, legal teams can expect significant delays in trying to restock supplies.

4. Convenient Document Management

It's infeasible for a product line to wait for a printer to update while they’re in the middle of a busy order load. However, even if the printer can operate at the same time as an update, the labeling and documentation process may back up. Managed print production services automatically update printers for companies, and prevent delays in service.

5. Securely Store Document Records

Since legal establishments store thousands of confidential documents, they must secure each portion of their network and databases. That’s why many law firms choose managed IT services to handle record keeping. Managed IT technicians monitor network and database activity to prevent security breaches.

6. 24/7 Help Desk

What printers experience paper jams while printing out a large document? Lawyers have too many tasks to complete to try fixing office equipment. IT service technicians keep printers maintained and up to date, so law firms can continue to process clients’ legal papers.

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Has it been a while since updating the printers in a legal establishment? Lawyers may find it beneficial to update and monitor their print production process. Improperly filed paperwork and poor printer performance can set a law firm behind in their work. By working with managed IT services, lawyers can keep up with filing demands and save money on printing supplies.

Blue Technologies knows how hard the law firms work in Ohio. Why continue to hold your establishment back with disorganized IT infrastructure tactics and outdated equipment? Contact us today to begin setting up a managed IT services plan that adapts to your establishment.

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