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Schools Need Good Communications — Here’s How to Get IT

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 1, 2021 11:30:00 AM

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic is continuing to demonstrate why good communications should be a critical element of any teaching strategy. The integration of technologies that support online or virtual learning experiences are the same ones that are powerful tools for education and communication. In fact, schools are becoming so reliant upon technology that the market for educational technology is exploding, and expected to top $342 billion as quickly as 2025. 

Using new and innovative technologies allow for teachers to engage and communicate with students during class times and promote student-to-student collaboration after school hours. Using collaborative activities, students can share ideas, brainstorm solutions, and provide support for one another. In addition, students can have unlimited access to classroom materials through digital communications, providing nonstop learning and study opportunities that break down traditional geographic and time barriers. 

Fostering Better School Communications with IT

One recent study concerning the state of digital communications in schools showed that parents and teachers were receptive to communications through digital channels and found them helpful in keeping them up to date on changes in school policies, children’s’ academic progress, and other notifications:

  • Nearly three-quarters of teachers found these communications essential for keeping in touch with the parent community
  • Seventy percent found digital communications less time-consuming than in-person or by phone
  • Some uses include health and safety updates, homework and academic updates, and school reminders

This promising trend is bolstered by a number of additional learning technologies such as interactive whiteboards, audio and video-enhanced lessons, and artificial intelligence and machine learning-boosted technology. Here are some cost-effective ways your school can tap into the robust advantages of school communications using IT.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are perhaps the most fascinating and useful technology to boost collaboration and communication in schools. Your school can invest in a stand-alone interactive board or use a digital whiteboard that comes with an interactive meeting or conferencing setup. Either way, everyone involved in a meeting or lesson can access and use the board. These whiteboards are simple and intuitive to learn to use so students can focus on the lesson plan and not complicated technology.

VoIP Phone Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services are cloud-based phone systems that are less expensive to use than most business phone technologies, yet offer advanced features such as:

  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call forwarding
  • Call routing
  • Conference calls
  • Automated group SMS
  • Automated call distribution
  • Online faxing

Other features include conference bridging, voicemail-to-email, and more — all designed to help keep teachers in touch with parents, students, administrators, and each other for better communications. With a VoIP system, there is no upfront investment in expensive telecommunication infrastructure, and you can easily scale your system according to the needs of the school. 

Video Conferencing Setups 

For those times when you need a face-to-face with parents, colleagues, or other critical personnel, your school will want an advanced video conferencing system that offers crisp, bright images and pure, clear sound. Modern IT provides the answer with custom-tailored systems of cameras and audio that offer plug-and-play adaptability and ease of use. Once it has been configured and installed, your video conferencing setup should offer years of frustration-free usage to help your school collaborate and communicate as the needs arise.

Blue Technologies Has the Right IT for Your School Communications Needs

Schools have had enough on their plates tackling the intersection of virtual and in-person learning. The last thing they need is for their educational success to be sullied by a lack of meaningful communication — whether that is between teachers and students, among students collaborating on projects, or between administrators and staff.

At Blue Technologies, we have curated leading edge digital technologies and IT to assist your school in enhancing communication and collaboration with an eye toward cost-effectiveness and reducing the frustration inherent in new technology adoption. We have partnered with industry leading creators and developers of leading-edge interactive whiteboards and digital meeting systems, high-end cameras and audio systems, and cloud-based Voice over Internet phone systems that can keep you connected — and within budget. 

Amplify your school’s ability to stay connected with parents, students, and staff. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant for more information about custom-tailored school communications and IT solutions designed specifically for your needs.

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