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Safeguarding Museums against Cyberattacks

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Mar 16, 2020 9:59:00 AM

It may not seem self-evident, but museums also need cybersecurity just like any other public or private entity. Depending on the types of relics, treasures, and art displayed at the facility, it may require more protection than regular businesses. As these institutions usually rely on grants, donations, and other contributions, they also face budgetary pressures while needing to improve their information security on their networks and devices.

While the insides of museums may seem like ancient, dusty halls filled with knowledge, plenty is going on in the background. Museums collect information just like any other business. They sell tickets to the public, host events, manage member’s information, and keep financial records regarding donations and contributions. All of this information can be valuable in a bad actor or hacker’s hands. Therefore, taking a proactive approach to information security will be vital to running a sustainable (and socially essential) operation.

Concerning Cybersecurity Statistics for Museums

In today’s connected world, it seems that no institution or entity is safe from cybercrime. Experts believe that due to the sensitive financial information museums retain about their backers, they have become a prime target for cyberattacks. In December 2019, a ransomware attack on the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey shut down its ticketing system and patron database. The attack also affected the Museum of Early Trades and Crafts in the Madison area. Luckily, the institutions had already encrypted the financial information retained by them, but all ticketing information and customer data were no longer available.

Considering the alarming increase of cyberattacks in the United States, every company will need to ensure they take the necessary steps to protect their information systems. According to some reports, cybercrime losses amounted to $2 trillion in 2019 alone. It may also surprise institutions to find out that every 14 seconds, another business falls for a ransomware attack. While the majority of cyberattacks target small businesses, the large attack surface of museums and government institutions makes them a prime target for hackers.

Securing Information Systems with Managed IT Services

One option available for museums and other altruistic institutions to help protect their information is by using Managed IT Services. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, experts believe that criminals can use a cyberattack to plan a robbery. This makes securing information systems for any entity that stores or displays priceless artifacts of vital concern. With a Managed IT Services solution, these institutions can ensure they don’t lag in technology and guarantee they reduce their attack surface.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for Museums

It’s common for ageless institutions to lag in technology. Usually, their budgets do not allow for hiring in-house teams of cybercrime experts and they rely on older devices distributed throughout the facility. Managed IT Services has become a viable strategy for companies and organizations that simply do not have the bandwidth to upgrade technology stacks and employ a large team of IT professionals.

The benefits that Managed IT Services bring to museums include:

● Improved technology and devices

● Robust and proven industry best practices to secure information systems

● Access to cybersecurity experts and advice to reduce the attack surface

● Remote monitoring of the network for any suspicious activity

● Dedicated support to ensure devices and systems operate reliably

● Complete oversight over their digital infrastructure

● Affordable solutions that come with a consistent monthly budget

Taking into account the alternatives, partnering with a Managed IT Services company could help save the institution millions of dollars in damages if an attack succeeds. These organizations also provide a vital service to the communities they serve, so protecting them from breaches will be essential to safeguard them in the future.

Types of Managed IT Services that Museums should Adopt

Managed IT Services providers will assess the current technology landscape of the organization before developing a custom-fit solution. While not every entity will require the same IT solutions, they will likely need a variety of services included in their agreement.

These services could include:

● Network security and monitoring solutions

● Advanced firewalls to protect from external cyberattacks

● Disaster recovery and backup systems

● Cloud-based services and VOIP communication solutions

● Appliances such as routers, switches, and servers

● Remote device monitoring and regular security scans or patches

● Behavioral monitoring of users to ensure compliance with information security policies

Additionally, Managed IT Services can improve productivity and efficiency in museums using the latest software solutions. Keeping files, documents, and records secure during rest and transit is vital to protecting sensitive information. With software solutions that encrypt all information on the network, even if an attack succeeds, the hackers won’t gain access to this data.

Let Blue Technologies Help Secure Your Ohio Museum’s Information Systems

With a dedicated team of network and information security professionals, Blue Technologies can help museums in Ohio secure their IT systems. Blue Technologies provides Managed IT Services that help streamline digital operations and protect against any unauthorized access. As cybersecurity concerns will continue to grow in the future, now is the perfect time to take a proactive approach to protect all networks and devices used in museums.

To discuss the Managed IT Services available from Blue Technologies and improve the information security in your Ohio museum, speak to one of our experts today

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