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Print Management Can Help Libraries to Increase Profits

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 25, 2020 8:30:00 AM

Libraries are vital institutions that serve communities by providing access to information in a variety of subjects and on different mediums. A library is a place where someone can look for job opportunities, immerse themselves in new stories, and explore seemingly endless tomes of knowledge. Citizens depend on libraries as it gives groups of people a sense of belonging and reflects the character of a community.

According to the American Library Association (ALA), there are more than 116,000 libraries in the U.S., with just over 9,000 of them being public libraries. Keeping the doors open remains a challenge for administrators. Although some federal funding goes to public libraries, the truth is most of their income and financial support comes from local sources. The rapid advances in technology have put many public libraries under pressure, requiring them to expand their services and find new sources of revenue to stay afloat.

Using Print Management to Support Library Operations

Due to the paper-intensive operations in libraries, saving money on printing costs is a viable way to increase revenues. Print management can help administrators establish an effective strategy that reduces the burden on staff and the budget. By working with a Managed Print Services (MPS) provider, libraries can benefit from a partnership between a team of technology experts that can develop a unique solution to fit the institution's exact requirements. Here are six benefits of MPS solutions for libraries.

1. Streamline Operations with Automated Workflows

Reducing the cost of operations requires a more efficient organizational workflow. Collaborating with an MPS Company allows the library to review all their processes and deploy efficient workflows to streamline their operations. Automated workflows improve their information management capabilities while also eliminating delays in task execution.

2. Upgrade Equipment to Efficient Devices

Technology lag adds hidden costs to institutions. Older generation printers, copiers, and scanners cost more to operate in toner and consumables but also use more electrical power. Opting to go with an MPS solution will allow the library to upgrade its fleet of printers and copiers to modern, efficient Multifunction Devices (MFDs).

3. Reduce Downtimes and Repair Costs

Print management allows the supplier to manage all MFDs from a remote location. If anything goes wrong, the print services organization will respond by providing remote or onsite support. Staff will no longer have to spend hours trying to get a machine to work or pay for expensive call-outs to fix a device. The library will benefit from maximum uptimes and a dedicated support team available around the clock.

4. Simplified Resupply and Restocking

The MPS Company will also take over responsibility for restocking and resupplying the library's devices. The service providers will be able to ship new supplies before the facility runs out by using remote monitoring tools. With a streamlined and simplified resupply and restocking process, staff can focus on their core duties instead of running around looking for paper or toner supplies.

5. Increased Oversight and Control over Print Operations

Using centralized management tools, the library can establish print policies that reduce costs and prevents abuse. After completing an assessment of current print operations, the service provider will recommend ways the library can reduce waste and improve their control over their fleet of devices. The print management firm will track every print by user, device, or department to provide greater insight into where the library can save on printing costs.

6. Consolidated Fleet of MFDs

Instead of using a variety of devices for different tasks, a library can consolidate their inefficient machines for fewer MFDs. The library can use fewer devices less prone to failure or increased operational costs. Today's MFDs are powerful machines that come with a host of features and productivity tools. They also operate more efficiently, use less ink or toner, and have easy to use touch-screen displays.

Operational Cost Savings for Libraries with MPS from Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies serve communities and organizations by helping them operate their print environments efficiently. With our team of digital experts, we can help any library reduce their operating costs with modern technology and solutions that streamline all document processes. With Managed I.T. Services, Enterprise Content Management (ECM), and MPS solutions, the library can improve all their operational processes while gaining greater oversight and control over their imaging environment.

Blue Technologies will work with the institution to understand their requirements and design an MPS solution that caters for all their document needs. We will also make recommendations where additional improvements are available that can help maximize the cost savings for the institution. Our service can help stabilize the library's budget, as all document-related services will come at a single monthly cost. This reduces the likelihood of any unforeseen costs cutting into an already tight annual budget. With a comprehensive document and print management solution, the library can free up staff and funds to spend on beneficial community services.

To find out more about how your library can use print management to gain additional cost savings, request an assessment from Blue Technologies today.

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