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Outfit Your Garment Business with Managed Services to Reduce Costs

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Nov 19, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Whether it’s the manufacturing of textiles or managing retail outlets, the garment industry continues to grow as more players enter the market looking to disrupt the sector. Faster manufacturing techniques, more extensive global supply chains, and e-commerce solutions continue to shape how the industry operates and manages daily workflows.

If your garment business still relies on outdated IT infrastructure and manual information processing tasks, you could be at risk of falling behind your competitors. Consumer demands are also changing, and customers now expect sophisticated buying methods and prefer companies with an interactive online presence. To succeed in this changing landscape, moving to a Managed IT Services provider can help you achieve greater efficiency and exceed consumer expectations.

Benefits of Managed IT Services for the Garment Industry

Textile and garment retailers often fall behind in the technology needed to manage daily workflows. This can lead to inaccurate accounting, incorrect orders, or running out of stock at inopportune times during the monthly sales cycles. Partnering with a Managed IT Services provider will help your garment business with access to updated hardware, improved software solutions, and a range of productivity tools to streamline the procurement, stock management, and sales processes.

Increased Technology Upgrade Cycles

Managed IT Services ensures cost reduction and cost control over the hardware and devices that your garment business needs to operate efficiently. From workstations to handheld payment systems, with an improved technology stack, the entire company can effectively manage operations and accurately track costs. As the service comes at a single monthly fee, a Managed IT Service will mitigate the risk of a hardware failure running up monthly expenditures.

The older the PCs, printers, and POS systems become, the more prone the devices are to failure. Managed IT Service providers will ensure your devices receive regular maintenance and software upgrades as required. Additionally, a Managed IT Service provider will use remote monitoring on devices and be able to detect any problems before it becomes a major issue for your company.

Improved Business Sustainability and Scalability

Every modern business needs to pay attention to sustainable practices that drive down costs and ensures continuity in case of disaster. With the right technology deployed, your garment business can backup devices regularly and restore any information if a catastrophic event does occur. Cloud storage solutions will eliminate single points of failure in the organization and enable better integrations between different information systems.

Additionally, a Managed IT Services provider will help your company scale effortlessly as the business grows. It’s a common problem for garment and other retail companies to struggle with scaling operations as the cost of technology becomes prohibitive. Managed IT Services will establish a price point for the specific services you need, and once your needs change, accommodate your growth into an expanded agreement.

Greater Oversight and Transparency with Software Solutions

Companies have the option to bundle IT services with software solutions that improve the transparency of the workflows. Software solutions can improve every stage of the business process, helping your company keep track of every transaction and ensure the consistent processing of all tasks. Using analytics will help companies generate forecasts that are more accurate and gain additional oversight over wasteful expenditures. Automated workflows will route all tasks to the right people, ensuring the company can authorize approvals and requests quickly.

Enhanced Information Security and Data Protection

Information security and data protection is a critical issue for garment companies. The rise of cybercrime puts every industry at risk, where a single malicious email can ruin a business. If employees use emails to communicate regularly, you’ll need to improve your network security with advanced threat protection solutions. Managed IT Services help companies secure all data and prevent malicious emails from reaching your employees’ inboxes.

As the textile, garment, and retail sectors handle a lot of personally identifiable information, there are also regulatory compliance costs to keep in mind. IT Service providers will help your company reduce the cost of compliance with audit trails that record all-access, dissemination, and destruction of documents falling under legislative authority. For improved information processing and security, working with a Managed IT Services provider can give you complete peace of mind for your garment business.

Managed IT Services from Blue Technologies for your Garment Business

Blue Technologies can help your Ohio garment business establish a reliable and robust digital footprint that reduces costs and improves daily efficiencies. By collaborating with Blue Technologies, you can reduce the overhead and administrative efforts on your employees, letting your resources focus on making daily targets and keeping your customers happy. Blue Technologies will provide you with garments business tips and assist you with developing a digital transformation strategy that drives down the bottom-line.

For accurate information processing and access to reliable digital technology, let Blue Technologies become your garment business’s Managed IT Services provider in Ohio today.

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