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Offer Safe Live Event Entertainment with Video Conferencing

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jan 25, 2021 9:00:00 AM

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has single-handedly crippled the world of entertainment. AMC movie theaters, the largest theater chain globally, have announced it might have to file bankruptcy if its recent sale of $700 million in stock doesn’t generate enough liquidity.

This comes on the heels of Regal Cinemas’ mass closure of all 536 of its U.S. locations in October of this year, as states mandate social distancing restrictions and theater-goers choose to stay home to avoid the potential risk of infection.

Complicating the situation are large production groups such as Warner Brothers, which have decided to release their 2021 slate of films on HBO Max simultaneously as they are released in theaters, further hobbling in-person filmgoing.

Live theater venues are also suffering, with many closing their doors permanently in the wake of lockdowns.

However, for many performing groups and artists, the virus has encouraged a change to a more virtual venue. The show can go on — a change that is supported by the burgeoning technology of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing Makes Safe Live Events Possible Again

Video conferencing puts communication, collaboration, and audience interaction back in many performing artists’ hands as they search for new, viable ways to reach their audiences.

Through streaming video, theaters, schools, and individual performers can conduct much-needed rehearsals and table readings, get instant feedback and critique from mentors and teachers, and even encourage audience participation for a more interactive experience.

Other ways video conferencing can assist entertainers in staying connected include:

Embracing Virtual Entertainment

Our society is already engaged virtually. We meet, date, and even marry online. We get social online, stream movies and news programs, and shop.

Now, we can also find high-quality entertainment in the same comfortable space.

As we begin the shift to virtual entertainment, many performance groups seek to grow a network of performers dedicated to using live streaming and video conferencing to continue their creative work in the world of entertainment.

Keeping Acting Schools and School Theater Productions Running

Modern video conferencing technology can help connect large numbers of students with teachers and mentors — or stream a play to an audience for a virtual “live” theater experience.

Acting teachers can see students’ expressions and motions to offer the kind of in-depth coaching necessary to provide students with a high-quality experience.

Since video simulates a film production, theater students can get hands-on experience working with lighting, set design, costume design, and makeup. Actors can review their performance, get real-time tips from mentors, and collaborate with other troupe members to improve delivery.

Cueing the Music

Musicians can also leverage the power of video conferencing to isolate while playing with bandmates safely.

Video can be recorded, and the clips assembled into a unified piece for release to an audience, or musicians can “hang out” virtually to practice and refine their craft.

Blue Technologies Has Robust Video Conferencing Solutions for Every Creative Need

While video conferencing is an important — possibly critical — tool for many performing artists wishing to stay relevant in this post-COVID environment, the right tools are essential for success.

While Zoom applications are popular, they often don’t have the right level of security and privacy to be useful in a professional setting. Case in point: The recent “Zoombombings” disrupted meetings with offensive or inappropriate comments or pictures.

Also, these free apps have a lot of security holes, some of which make it easy for hackers to not only take over you’re meeting or event but get access to personal information.

At Blue Technologies, we offer the highest-quality state-of-the-art video conferencing technology to help you or your performing group put your best foot forward for your new, digital audience.

Our conferencing solutions are not only secure, but they also offer crisp, clear video; outstanding sound quality; the ability to connect numerous devices; and innovative features to serve your specific needs and challenges.

If you are currently considering taking your show online, our team of video conferencing experts can provide insight and knowledge to help you choose the right system.

Keep your live events bringing in rave reviews. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant today and discover how our video conferencing solutions can help you transition from live to virtually live events.

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