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Multifunction Devices Streamline Printing for Ohio Machining Companies

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 10, 2019 8:45:00 AM

Keeping production lines flowing smoothly in a machining or manufacturing company requires streamlined processes and detailed planning. Every step in the supply chain – from setting up the precision tools used to produce quality components, to the storage and shipping or order fulfillment procedures – needs to be clear, concise, and reliable. Equipment failures cause revenue loss and production delays, both of which could damage the company’s reputation. If the company uses external vendors for their specialty media and printing requirements, it adds an element of risk to their overall supply chain.

In the past, outsourcing printing made sense as it required different types of printers to produce all the labels, tags, waybills, and, more recently, RFID trackers. However, today’s multifunction laser printers can provide accurate results on a variety of media types, with some devices specifically designed to cater for the machining and manufacturing industries. For machining companies in Ohio that need a reliable print solution, a modern all-in-one printer comes with a variety of features that improves back-office operations and the production line’s efficiencies.

Benefits of an All-In-One Printer for Machining Companies

Multifunction Device (MFD) suppliers haven’t ignored the importance of the manufacturing industry’s printing requirements. Not only do these devices come with extra speed and efficiency, but they also provide a printing platform that allows manufacturing companies to streamline manual processes, gain visibility over printing operations, and integrate with supply chain systems like SAP. With a modern MFP, machining companies can reduce costs and increase productivity.

1. Greater Availability and Reduced Production Stoppages

The manufacturing industry often relies on manual processes and paper to drive the supply chain. If any document, form, or pre-printed media runs out of stock, it can shut down the entire workflow and even cause production delays. Moving all printing requirements in-house with the appropriate MFD solution can alleviate these risks and ensure the facility runs smoothly. Multifunction laser printers come with toners that increase yield, use less power, and supports a variety of media types. If the organization continues to maintain the equipment at the required duty cycles, it will provide a reliable printing solution well into the future.

2. Optimized Workflows and Software Integrations

Today’s MFDs operate like mini-computers in their own right. They can integrate with mobile apps and workflow optimization solutions to reduce inefficiencies in the company. When information routing is more accurate and timely, the facility can optimize every step of its supply chain. If the company is using RFID tracking labels on its products, MFDs can correlate the component ID directly from the production management software. This eliminates the risks of human errors and automates the manual process of pre-printing RFID labels. Multifunction Solutions for Ohio Machining Companies from Blue Technologies

Blue Technologies can help machining companies find the right multifunction laser-printing platform for all their production needs. Working with companies to understand their unique needs and challenges, Blue Technologies uses decades of expertise to match the latest technologies with the customer’s environment for improved efficiency and reduced costs.

Lexmark All-In-One Printers

Lexmark has a range of printing solutions that operate reliably and come with a variety of features to streamline operational workflows. With platforms that streamline manufacturing processes using built-in RFID capabilities, Lexmark delivers high-quality precision laser prints suitable for any operational workflow. Models like the CS725R and CX725R integrate the entire facility’s printing requirements into a single platform, reducing human error while combining print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities into a single MFD.

The CS725R and CX725R features include:

● Multipurpose input feed and large capacity trays (up to 1200 sheets)

● Built-in RFID encoding to identify, manage, track, and inventory assets

● Ability to program and produce RFIDs on a single device

● Print speeds of 50 pages per minute in either black and white or color

● Color touch screen and a maximum monthly duty cycle of up 150,000 pages

Some other models of Lexmark MFDs support upgrading to include an RFID capability. However, if the facility still uses barcode systems or QR codes, Lexmark’s laser printers can also support those operations by adding their Forms and Barcode Card to a variety of supported devices. Blue Technologies can assist customers with deciding which platform will suit their operational workflows and ensure the platform works reliably and efficiently.

Improve Operational Processes with a Reliable MFD Platform from Blue Technologies

When it comes to maintaining a supply chain, the underlying infrastructure can make or break the process. Blue Technologies has served customers in Ohio for more than two decades, helping them streamline their printing processes for increased productivity. For machining companies that need a robust and reliable printing platform, Blue Technologies can supply the device, manage the entire printing process, and recommend additional productivity tools.

To start streamlining your machining and manufacturing printing processes, get in touch with one of Blue Technologies’ print experts today.

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