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MPS as a Digital Enabler for Productivity and Profitability

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Jun 21, 2021 8:00:00 AM

As we move further into 2021, a majority of businesses are continuing to shift toward a more digital presence, with 30% of large firms having a digital product portfolio and others creating digital divisions to focus on transformative products. In addition, there will be a continuing focus on cloud-centric infrastructure to help align both internal and external resources.

Finally, for those businesses eager to experience a digital transformation, there will be a closer alignment with third-party partners who will offer transformative services. These moves toward digital partnerships come in the wake of a transformative shift to hybrid work environments, where employees work part of the time in-house and part remotely.

If that overview has your head spinning, take heart.

There are some tried-and-true technologies that have been helping companies take strides toward the leading edge of transformation. For example, easy-to-deploy managed print services (MPS) are poised as a digital enabler for both productivity and profitability across industries. By leveraging the assistance of competent third-party providers of services such as MPS, modern businesses can take a digital leap forward without fear of failure — or frustration.

How MPS Can Enable Your Company’s Digital Transformation

When you think about digital transformation as a whole, it seems like a daunting and costly proposition. But broken down into increments, the art of digitally transforming can be quick and easy — and MPS can help.

In fact, 37% of businesses see MPS as a very important component to their digital shift, especially as the disruption due to the ongoing pandemic continues.

Transforming Traditional Print Services

Leaders in print and imaging technologies continue to refine and transform their offerings, focusing closely on increasing access to business process automation and strengthened security protocols. Cloud print services continue to proliferate, offering versatility and flexibility for mobile employees or those working remotely.

Empowering the Digital Workplace

An outsourced MPS solution allows businesses to take advantage of a more efficient — and secure — print infrastructure to bring a higher level of productivity and collaboration to their hybrid offices. In fact, moving to an environment where all, if not most, documents are digitized has been implemented by half of businesses, with a third planning on implementing it in the near future.

Of course, a digital workplace requires more stringent content management protocols and guidelines, especially where Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Internet of Things (IoT) options are on the table.

Staying Serviced, Secure — and Sustainable

Sustainability is becoming a leading business tool for the modern workplace, allowing businesses to show customers that they care. Consumers want to see businesses with a commitment to going green — and MPS not only targets and reduces print waste, but helps businesses participate in recycling and reforesting efforts.

Alongside sustainability benefits and the associated cost savings, a strong MPS program provides data security and compliance to assist companies in adhering to strict data privacy regulations. Finally, your MPS provider will take on the task of maintaining, supplying, and servicing your entire printer fleet to take the burden off in-house IT staff so they can focus on moving your company forward digitally.

Blue Technologies — MPS Solutions You Can Count On

At Blue Technologies, we stay on the leading edge of advanced in digital technologies so we can bring our clients the most cost-effective, reliable ways to achieve their digital transformation.

Our managed print services (MPS) programs not only support your company’s printing needs — they move you forward along your digital path by offering automated workflows for optimized and streamlined business processes.

Our dependable technologies create a centralized, digitally oriented system that is targeted to improve productivity while minimizing costs, a structure that typically delivers a print cost improvement of anywhere from 20-40% overall.

In addition, our team of print professionals will expertly maintain your system, assuring that you have updated security and helping to minimize costly downtime events. Our remote monitoring features provide around the clock monitoring and information about your printer fleet for better protection — and better decision-making.

Take the leap to digital the easy way. Contact a Blue Technologies consultant and get started on your transformation with our powerful, efficient MPS solutions.

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