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Maximizing Productivity for Advertising Firms in Ohio

Posted by Blue Technologies Ohio on Dec 20, 2019 8:45:00 AM

Even in the digital age, the need for marketing pamphlets and product brochures remains a vital part of the advertising industry. The difference in distribution channels means consumers expect both electronic media and vibrant, high-quality prints of the latest products displayed in stores or distributed to them via traditional mail. For graphic designers, compromising on quality is never an option, whether in direct-mail marketing agencies or advertising firms. When it is time to send their designs to the print company, ensuring everything is complete and accurate makes their job stressful.

If the firm relies on a variety of vendors to produce their designs, there is an added risk in the process. Not being able to predict the quality of the print can lead to a blame-game that sours business relationships and strains the designer’s patience. Similarly, doing regular proofing-prints increases the cost of the product, while the agency can’t pass those fees on to their customers. To alleviate these issues, advertising agencies now have the option to keep all printing operations in-house where they can retain control and oversight of the process using a Managed Print Services (MPS) company.

Managed Print Services Benefits for Advertising Firms and Marketing Agencies

With technology driving down the cost of ownership and operation of modern printers, marketing agencies now have access to production quality printers and presses. Formerly, only a few agencies could provide their marketing design, strategy, and production services because these platforms usually required expert printers and operators. Production printers and presses have come a long way in the last few decades, making them semi-autonomous and much easier to use. MPS solutions ensure devices remain in operation, and supplies reach the agency before they run out. They also make sure devices are integrated with the rest of the firm’s workflow.

1. In-house Print Production at a Single Monthly Cost

For agencies looking to acquire their own production printers, an MPS will provide them with access to the latest platforms at a single monthly cost. The MPS provider will track all the volumes, monitor the duty cycles, and carry out maintenance tasks at regular intervals. The firm won’t need to pay upfront for the device; instead, the cost is built into the MPS package. Advertising print operations can run up to 80% of the total cost, leaving firms to operate within microscopic margins. However, if they produce their own designs, they can cut costs while retaining complete control over every step in the process and increase their revenues.

Modern production presses and wide format solutions come with a variety of features. This means a single platform can produce any range of finished materials. Furthermore, instead of using multiple devices for different jobs, the agency can opt for a single press that caters to all their needs.

2. Streamline Productivity from Design to Delivery

Another benefit of MPS is that the firm remains in control during every step of the process. Designers will be able to check and proof their final products quickly and efficiently, without needing to run back and forth between the office and the vendor. The latest printing presses also integrate with existing design software and can support workflows that enforce the authorizations required before releasing jobs to production.

Advanced proofing capabilities will also reduce the number of prints required during the design stages. Production systems like the Konica Minolta AccurioPress even have automated color calibration and quality optimizers with a closed-loop feedback system. It uses a spectrophotometer and a camera to examine each print to improve color density, fidelity, and image registration integrated directly with the controller.

3. Any Finishing Option the Agency Requires is Readily Available

Not only do modern printing presses support various media types and substrates, but they also have comprehensive finishing options. Whether it is a perfect bond, folding, punching, or full-bleed booklet, the agency won’t need to outsource any of their finishing requirements. With image controllers like EFI Fiery or Creo, graphic designers can rest assured they will produce the highest quality products for their customers. Systems also include high-speed scanning and legacy job flows, and come with a smaller physical footprint and reduced energy and ink consumption.

Partner with Blue Technologies to Insource Print Production

Blue Technologies can take care of all device management requirements of advertising agencies while giving them access to the latest production presses. Working with customers since 1995 to develop innovative solutions that increase productivity and ultimately reduces operational overheads, Blue Technologies can design an MPS package that suits both the agency’s budget and their production requirements. As technology continues to disrupt traditional business models, insourcing production printing tasks to the agency can increase revenue, improve transparency, and deliver complete oversight and control of the entire graphic design workflow.

To start leveraging the latest devices and expert services from Blue Technologies for your Ohio advertising agency, get in touch with one of our consultants today.

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